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Whitey seeks blacky for fooling around Searching Sex Hookers

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Whitey seeks blacky for fooling around

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Age: 20
Relationship Status: Married
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City: Bedford
Hair: Dyed black
Relation Type: Oral No Older Women Horny Necessary

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Top definition.

A disparaging term used to describe a Caucasian person that mimics ghetto and urban vernacular. More commonly used to describe those Caucasians whose only contact with popular urban culture is the entertainment media.

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A poseur. The wigger thought all the black kids at school would be his friend because his mother bought him the latest pair of Jordans. A white person who Swinger Gustavus ns to act blackwears his pants around his knees listening to crap like 50 cent.

Usually has about 10 inches of boxers showing and wears his cap sideways. Jimmy, dressed in Jordan jeans, a pink basketball jerseyand sideways pink hat saying "gangsta" is the perfect example of a whigger.

Whigger unknown. Whi te-ni gger need I say more?

Ok then. Stupid little white boys from the suburbs rich kids pretending to be from the "ghetto" and to be "hard". They speak broken ebonics, walk slow, wear baggy sweatpants, and have a habit to grab their crotch.

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They usually are really pail and try and mostly fail miserably to rap and "ball" They listen to c rap music and often think that they're actually tough, with their "peeps" and often get their asses kicked by real niggers and white people.

They often speak broken ebonics, and are a logical equivilant to retarded.

See also Wigger the words are pronounced the same, but have foor different meanings, Wigger can be used for any nonblack person who acts nigger-ish, whigger is for white people only. I so blak yo.

And so are you, you tard, now speak plain english, whiety. A white person who attempts to act blackbut usually ends Wyitey just acting moronic. Ironically, the effect is the opposite.

No one is afraid of a whigger not even rooling smaller whigger. A young white Whitey seeks blacky for fooling around who feels the need to listen to shitty rap music go on how hard it is to grow up in his perfect suburban neighbourhood and how hard life is for him and how he is a " gangstah " and occasionally wilol shave his head and say he is a skinhead just because he thinks it associates himself with a type of "gang" skinheads dont Local adult womens Clarksville Tennessee iso gangs because he finally realized he was white.