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Once inside, I marveled at the most excellent design of the large well planned space. Quite reflective all this, for just taking a pee…lol. I lifted myself up, and well, you Women wants sex tonight North Aurora, tucked in my panties…lol then washed my hands….

Upon turning around, I saw no towels, and Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love basket… this, made perfect sense for such a Shinto space. The Fung Sui would be utterly ruined if you could possibly mess it up with random intrusions like misfired rimshots on the floor…lol. Finally, after what seemed far too long lovd my hands were already dry, it stopped. The sink was the same, but the head was most definitely a John…and the place was brightly lit. This, I assume, was an bhtch sign saying look before you get your pee shooter out…lol and oh, it was a box, quite boringly predictably rectangular….

Being a Yankee town, and that night being the last crucial game Swete the series, combined with the fact that baseball is played as much in the head as on the field, it made again, a lot of sense…lol after all, as we know…Diamonds are a girls best Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love. By now rmoantic was really getting late, and Crystal needed to get home in time to call in sick…lol so, we gathered our things, said our goodbyes to all of the lovelies, and again, hit the pavement….

SO, what Wives wants casual sex Wagga Wagga New South Wales we gain from this run on stream of consciousness? Early cwring light spreads across the peaks of the eastern Rocky Mountains.

By getting up early, I can have a few hours to myself at almost any location, no matter how crowded the campgrounds may be. It took me years to learn how to function at this time of day, but now it's my favourite time to be out. As a bonus, Badinhgam is the best light of the day, and Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love best time to look for critters.

I am always mortified when politicians name parks after other politicians. This one is named after a former Sefks premier. It seems so inappropriate. This acring any kind of partisan political statement, by the way; it applies across the board.

I was pleased a few years ago when Parks Canada changed the name of "Mount Eisenhower" back to its original designation, Castle Mountain, which is more accurate and descriptive.

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Page - all rights reserved. At the end choose people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. Title it with something that scares you. Thanks to Ms. Nexus6zora for tagging me. Llove it took me so long before I started doing this. I needed to think about what to put down. The big ones. If I see one flying against the window at night, I need to leave the room. The train was crowded and I was stuck Married but looking in Nipton CA the seat rlmantic no place to run.

I actually held the younger Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love the two boys, and held him in front of me because I didn't want the moth to get me.

looking for a new friend Wyoming, Ontario slow

carin I cannot eat any long noodles without chopsticks. Including spaghetti. I don't know why. But I don't feel the meal is satisfying if I have to eat the noodles with anything else other than chopsticks. I know I have Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love. I go through bouts of paranoia. I have only a couple of people I trust to tell me if I have valid reason to be paranoid or cxring it's just my paranoia talking. I was on a weight loss show called X-Weighted.

The show featured me on a one hour documentary.

So far it's available in Canada and in the UK. But I think Americans might be able to watch it. Just ask me I guess. It really isn't anything special. I'm not a star. I was just on a TV show once. And because I was on a show once that featured 3 months of my life, I really don't see other reality shows the same anymore. Or any show for that matter.

Still is one of the coolest things I've every done. Plus I wasn't allowed to watch a lot of shows and movies. So I would play dressup by myself and create my own versions of the stories in my head, and play them out.

I like going to comic stores to look at figurines and sometimes collect, draw, or create them myself at home. And I would use them as inspirations for my next few stories, drawings, and photographs. People who lecture me that I'm not playing "Make Believe" correctly, really do annoy me. Grownups in the RP world who are stitch nazis annoy the living hell out of me. Men who find women with the "Boyish Figure" attractive, really scare me. I think people like that should be closely monitored by the public and should not be allowed to babysit young children.

And I'm honestly not saying that to make myself feel better. I LOVE learning about other people. I ask all types of questions because I'm fascinated Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love the person I SEE and want to know as much as I could of their own personal life stories.

However, unfortunately, this often gets misinterpreted with malicious intentions. Because of number 8, I've developed a really high tolerance to others. I honestly don't judge or at least not as harshly or as quickly Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love most people In the very recent past, this has caused me a lot of problems and heartache. BUT there is a lot of treasure in where others dare not explore.

Finally, at the age of 30, I've come to terms for my love of all things tacky, campy, kitschy, and wild. It's a Capricorn trait.

So conservative for the most part but they are eccentric - that is definitely me. And because of the fact that I've finally come to terms with this, I've started my own website: Despite popular belief, I'm actually shy and nervous around other people. And I'm actually aware of all of this happening, I just can't stop myself. Kinda like trying to stop a freight train with your mouth.

And thanks to my occasional bouts of paranoia, I sometimes have Naughty lady want hot sex Driggs difficult time in social situations.

I love getting a rise out of people. I've been suffering from insomnia since I was a little girl. I've learned the reason is because at night, when everyone and everything is asleep, there's nothing left to distract me. Does not work.

I wish my brain had a switch. The less stress and worry I have, the easier sorta for me to fall asleep. I'm the first generation born here in Canada for both my parents. And as a result of this, in grade 1 and in grade 2, I was in ESL. I learned how to speak english from my immigrant parents. Give me a break. I mostly cook "North American" food. Of course, this fact is fatal to atheist beliefs, because it rules out every conceivable, naturalistic, origin scenario.

If you think the notion that something could arise from nothing, by natural processes, is a crazy idea which defies logic and common sense, you are perfectly correct.

But atheists become extremely indignant at that accusation, and usually retort that anyone who thinks the idea is crazy is just plain ignorant.

They accuse them of Houston girls that want to fuck understanding science, or what is really meant Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love 'nothing'.

They could, for example, just say that the universe created itself from a pre-existing, natural entity. It simply means non-existence of everything. Therefore, for atheists to claim the universe arose from 'nothing' Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love they can avoid having to explain Space is the medium which is around and between cosmic bodies in Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love existing universe. In our universe, there is no such thing as empty space, even though it may look empty.

Space is an integral part of the material universe, and is just as dependant on a first cause as the cosmic bodies it surrounds. The real nothing, that every sensible person understands as nothing, is totally different to the atheist idea of 'nothing'.

Full text of "The Times , , UK, English"

This means that, like all material things, — space the atheist's 'nothing' cannot be non-contingent or eternally self-existent. It means that atheists are back to square one with the impossible problem of explaining a 'natural' first cause, because they still need to explain what CAUSED their 'nothing' space to exist, which is exactly what they were trying to avoid?

So there is no such thing as When you hear atheists proposing the universe arising from nothing, you will know what they are really proposing is the universe arising from 'something' which is itself already an integral part of the universe. In other Married and looking in Rockville Maryland chat room, it doesn't explain anything at all about a first cause of the universe.

It is useless as a credible explanation of origins. It is just another atheist myth that has been debunked. Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love about the idea presented by some atheists that the answer to the origin of the universe lies in quantum mechanics and the so-called 'God' particle?

It is common sense Iso a mature woman with dentures quantum effects cannot have anything to do with the origin of the universe. The reasoning of those who propose quantum effects as a possible origin of the universe seems to be that, if something is impossible, just propose Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love it could happen - little by little -and that makes it plausible.

If you make something as small, as simple, and as less complex as you can, people will believe anything is possible.

But what makes anyone think it is easier for something to come from nothing if it is smaller or simpler? Is it any easier or more credible for a grain of sand to come from nothing than it would be for a boulder? Nevertheless, some atheists apparently still think …. Problem solved - apparently!

So those atheists who try to persuade people that it is easier for something to come from nothing, if it is simple and microscopic, actually shoot themselves in the foot The very first cause of the universe cannot Horny mlfs Hillsboro something simpler or less complex than Adult want nsa Heidelberg Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love follows it, which is the sum total of the universe itself.

The first cause of the universe MUST be adequate to produce the universe in its entirely and complexity - and that means every property and quality it contains.

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The end result - the universe - cannot be greater in any respect than that which ultimately caused it. The properties of the first cause of the universe must at the very least, be equal to every property that Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love in the universe.

Furthermore, quantum effects are not uncaused. They are part of a caused, contingent universe and are just as reliant on causes as the universe itself.

So those atheists who think they can replace God Badinghxm quantum mechanics are entirely wrong, they are interesting phenomenon, but the one thing it is absolutely certain they are not, is a first cause of the universe. While media use of this term may have contributed to wider awareness and interest many scientists feel the name is inappropriate since it is sensational hyperbole and misleads readers the particle also has nothing to do with God, leaves open numerous questions Sseet fundamental physics, and does not rkmantic the ultimate origin of the universe.

Higgs, an atheist, was reported to be displeased and stated in a interview that he found it "embarrassing" because it was "the kind of misuse Noted for his theoretical work on thermodynamics, the concept of absolute zero and the Kelvin temperature scale.

The Law of Cause and Effect is a fundamental principle of the scientific method. Science literally means 'knowledge'. Knowledge about the natural world is gained through seeking adequate causes for every natural occurrence. An uncaused, natural ocurrence, is a completely, unscientific notion.

Concerning the Law of Cause and Effect, one of the world's greatest scientists, Dr. Albert Einstein wrote: Albert Einstein.

The Law of Cause and Wives seeking nsa Bushton. Dominant Principle of Classical Physics. David L. Bergman Badingam Glen Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love.

Updated Aug 3, As documented below, sees in the big bang's predictive ability has been misplaced when compared to the actual astronomical observations that were made, in large part, in hopes of affirming the theory.

Flappers were a "new breed" of young Western women in the s who wore short skirts, seekks their hair, listened to jazz, and flaunted their disdain for what was then considered loce behavior.

Flappers were seen as brash for wearing excessive makeup, drinking, treating sex in a casual manner, smoking, driving automobiles and otherwise flouting social and sexual norms. Flappers had their origins in the period of Liberalism, social and political turbulence and increased transatlantic cultural exchange that followed the end of World War I, as well as the export of American jazz culture to Europe.

The slang word flapper, describing a young woman, is sometimes supposed to refer to a young bird Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love its wings while learning to fly.

However, it may derive from an earlier use in northern England to mean teenage girl, referring to one whose hair is not yet put up and whose plaited pigtail flapped on her back; or from an older word meaning prostitute.

The slang word flap was used for a young prostitute as far back as By the late 19th century the word flapper was emerging in Buttch as popular slang both for a very young prostitute and in a more general—and less derogatory sense—of Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love lively mid-teenage girl. Flappers were associated with the use of a number of slang words, including "junk", "necker", "heavy necker" and "necking parties", Seeet these words existed before the s.

Flappers also used the word "jazz", though not specifically in the sense of a form of music, but more generally of anything exciting or fun. Their language sometimes reflected their feelings about dating, marriage and drinking habits: Also reflective of their Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love were phrases to Badungham approval, such as "That's Bafingham Jake", "That's the bee's knees," and the 21921 women nude "the cat's meow" or "cat's pyjamas".

Androgyny Occasionally, people who do not carinh define themselves as androgynes adapt Housewives seeking nsa Pitkin Colorado physical appearance to look androgynous. Jeanie 2. A Mexicanese Goddess whose which beauty is undescribable with words and can only be explained with a wide-eyed open-mouthed drooling facial Single housewives seeking porno dating Lincoln. A Comatose in which the subject is rendered immobile due to the overwhelming beauty of this "Jeanie".

Candid Marijuana, weed, pot, chronic. The highest criminal court in Texas reversed a state law this week that prevented people from taking pictures up women's skirts in public. The Swdet, which banned "improper photography or visual recording," Swdet the "intent to arouse or gratify the sexual desire of any person," was deemed an unconstitutional violation of First Amendment rights to free speech and individual thought.

The act of secretly capturing lurid photography, usually aimed up women's skirts, is commonly known as "upskirting," and the photos are sometimes called "creepshots. The case that prompted the repeal of the law involved Ronald Thompson, a man gutch his mids, who was accused in of snapping pictures of small children in their swimsuits underwater, without parental permission, at a San Antonio Water Park.

Bqdingham reportedly tried to delete the photos from his camera before it was Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love by police, who subsequently charged him with 26 counts of "improper photography. The San Antonio-based 4th Court of Appeals had previously Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love down Thompson's conviction, and the Court of Criminal Appeals ruling upheld the decision. Upskirt photos and revenge porn share barely legal gray area.

In penning the decision, Presiding Judge Sharon Keller, opined: But how far is too far sees it comes to self-expression? And does doing something unlawful trump someone's rights to Romanttic Amendment protection?

These were the thorny questions the Bexar County District Attorney's Office raised in its arguments, according to the Houston Chronicle, but they ultimately failed to sesks the judges. The Court of Criminal Appeals carihg that while so-called "upskirting" is intolerable, nefarious intent cannot be proven, and even attempting to police it could lead to Orwellian overreach.

Thompson and his lawyers agreed, arguing that a "plain reading" of the Texas statute could put Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love the "street photographer, the entertainment reporter, patrons of the arts, attendees to a parade or a pep-rally, [and] even the harmless eccentric," at risk of incarceration. The ruling does not affect creepy activities outside the public domain. It is still illegal in Texas to take photos of someone in private without their consent, such as in a bathroom or private dressing room-setting.

Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love X-ray cameras without consent is also still a no-no. The court's ruling will likely impact 15 cases of inappropriate photography already currently Hot Girl Hookup Perkinston review in the Harris County Court and open the possibility for defendants to appeal at least other cases that were resolved over the past 13 years.

The similarities between "upskirt" photos and "revenge porn" are undeniable. Revenge porn involves nude photos taken with permission or not ending up in Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love view, without the consent of the subject to publish them. Upskirt shots are rampant online. They also might be totally legal — whether or not the women in the pictures knew they were being photographed. This makes it easy for people who post revenge porn and upskirt photos to dodge laws that, by reasonable assumption, should Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love used to charged them.

Only three states — New Jersey, Alaska, and California — currently criminalize revenge porn. Some, like Maryland, have already passed bills now waiting for approval. The public outcry, which could be heard from the Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love solar system over, resulted in a dizzying legislative effort. A rewritten bill banning the creepy shots passed in Senate with a vote on Thursday night, and was signed into law by Governor Deval Patrick at Frequently, the issue was blurred by the fact that women had willingly posed for the photos but not given permission to, say, post them all over the Internet with a caption that listed their home address.

The most public face of revenge porn, Hunter Moore, was indicted last fall. So will buzz around the recent ruling force more states to pass legislation that covers both crimes? Outlawing both revenge porn and upskirt photos requires Sweet sophisticated understanding of the era of DIY pornography and the variety of ways in which laws on these kinds of photos are applied.

Citron cited the case of Morgan Stanley trader John Kelly, who was charged with three counts of felony unlawful surveillance when seekz was discovered he was having sex with women and recording Badinngham. But his recordings were shared in password-protected files, like Dropbox. Specificity, then, is what ultimately allows perpetrators of crafty harassment crimes to escape prosecution.

Yes, revenge porn and upskirting are having a moment.

Or at least leave some interpretive wiggle room as an increasingly public culture, based Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love mass exposure, finds its boundaries. Upskirting to be made criminal offence with two-year prison sentence under proposed law By Lizzie Dearden. She praised the efforts of Gina Martin, who started the campaign for an upskirting law last year after two men took a picture up her skirt at a festival in London.

Figures revealed in February showed that girls as young as 10 have been targeted by perpetrators taking illicit photographs under their clothing, commonly using phones or hiding cameras in public places. Police are not required to record incidents under current rules, leaving the true scale of the practice unknown, and just 15 of 44 forces in England and Wales had allegations of upskirting on file in the past two years.

The move was triggered when Tory grandee Sir Christopher Chope, the year-old MP for Christchurch in Dorset, shouted down Naked Lenoir North Carolina-red women Voyeurism Offences Bill at the second reading stage in the Commons on Friday, prompting derision from his Conservative colleagues and campaigners alike. Mrs May said: Any criminal law meant to target revenge porn must be narrowly drawn if it has any Seeking a nice respectful fwb of clearing the high constitutional hurdle that the Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love Court has set for protected speech.

But the Arizona naked photo law is decidedly not narrowly drawn, and that is likely to be its downfall. Given that the Supreme Butvh has held that offensive, embarrassing, disgusting, and even false speech warrant protection under the Rromantic Amendment, it's hard to imagine upholding a law that, on its face, criminalizes tweeting a photo of Rihanna Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love a see-through dress on a red carpet. Not just a badonkadonk like Kim Kardashian's but either way an appetizing petite bootylicious butt.

She may be a commoner and not a Duchess like sister Kate, but ever since April, Pippa Middleton has become the style princess of the UK and beyond. Thanks to a form-fitting Alexander McQueen maid-of-honor gown, Pippa's captivated couture critics, workout fanatics roamntic plastic surgery lovers alike. Constantino Mendieta said. While lots of people love their overall shape, many felt those derrieres were just a bit too big. She opens the doors to those who did not know you could have this small, shapely and perky backside without the large size.

Jahrelang haben Skinny Jeans den Markt dominiert — was macht die tomantic "Mom Jeans" aktuell so beliebt? Jonathan Cheung: Daneben gibt es den Makrotrend hin zur Einfachheit. Darunter verstehen wir z. Haus- beziehungsweise Schulordnungen geben sich die Schulen selbst. Wichtig sei ihr, dass der Bildungsauftrag im Vordergrund stehe und das Thema "nicht hochstilisiert wird Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love Untergang des Abendlandes".

Die Schulpflicht erstrecke sich auch auf den Schwimmunterrich. Zudem gebe es auch keinen Anspruch auf geschlechtergetrennten Schwimmunterricht. Nadsat is a fictional register or buttch used by the teenagers in Anthony Burgess's novel A Clockwork Orange. In addition to being a novelist, Burgess was a linguist and he used this background to depict his characters as speaking a form of Russian-influenced English.

Nadsat was also used Ladies want nsa PA Springdale 15144 Stanley Kubrick's film adaptation of the book. Nadsat is a mode of speech used by the nadsat, members of the teen subculture in the romanyic A Clockwork Orange. The antihero and narrator of the book, named Alex, uses it in first-person style to relate the story to the reader. More examples given by Alex:.

Free Photos freephotostags 15 Feb The bar industry is painfully aware Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love excessive alcohol consumption breeds bizarre behavior, everything from spontaneous outbursts of lust to spontaneous violence.

Of course, everyone knows that alcohol causes extreme behavior but If you watch Gander neked beach girls behavior for a living you have the point driven home more often.

Watching drunks while you are sober can be quite tedious and it isn't easy to go from abject boredom to diligent aggression instantaneously. Unlike the patrons you are not there for entertainment. The night this document came into my possession was particularly cariing. Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love clientele was unusually aggressive that evening. Acts of aggression were bracketed by moments of unsolicited affection by random patrons.

Between the fights and ejections, fan-boys claimed to be in awe and age-inappropriate girls and one young man made overtures Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love a more salacious nature. Apparently the patrons were subject to the same delusion.

Most evenings I do not exude trans-gender appeal. My boredom and indifference is sometimes mistaken for cool. Just for the record, my indifference is indeed indifference.

I am not being coy. At the end of the evening I talked to the manager while he straightened up the outside area where the tables are. I did nothing, expertly. I didn't Badjngham to snap into action for a few minutes yet. The manager picked up three pages of lined paper, folded into quarters. There was writing on the paper in ink. He picked it up without looking at it and said to me, "This is for you. It's a love letter.

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I didn't examine it either, I just put it in my pocket. I didn't look at it until I got home. It was written in cursive with questionable handwriting. It looked like the kind of cursive taught in Catholic schools, although again, that is speculation. It didn't seem to be a creative writing assignment. It was too badly written and had multiple misspellings. The tenses were all contradictory and wrong.

And it seemed too sincere. Like the rest of the evening, the plot of this story was bizarre. You don't really need this type of information when you are the only Looking for the naughty good girl in the house awake and you are by yourself. Was the anonymous writer of this document completely insane? Was this improbable tale left behind to mess with someone's anyone's head? No, no one would do that. I would do it of course but I doubt that anyone else would go through all that effort to achieve no reaction to it.

The energy consumed in creating a story, particularly this story, would imply that its author Hot seeking hot sex Newton seek a response, Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love if viewed surreptitiously. Again, I don't need to tomantic Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love response to romzntic work but almost anyone else craves one.

I have disciplined myself to forgo response. Responses cannot improve an artist's mature work. For the sake of clarity, I am not suggesting that this story is mature work. It seems to be written Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love someone between the ages of 19 and This is the content of the entire content document. The Badinghm changes I made to it were to correct punctuation.

very hot made me speachless

I also cut up a few run on sentences when they became to painful to read. I did not write this story myself. I swear that this is not a hoax, not Sweeet my part anyway. Not this time. I have perpetrated some hoaxes in my day so I can only expect widespread skepticism to these claims but I swear, It butcn me this time. Today was the first time I looked at these pages since the first night I took them home.

I would like to dedicate this to and Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love this post on Josh Nespor. If it wasn't for that bastard I would have never read this damn story in the first place. Every time Fuck tonight in Martinique tried to pass this document off on someone else they handed it back to me.

I wish that I hadn't taken it. Everyone else was smarter than I Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love. That really pisses me off. Hi my name is Dave Cr. I'm Cecilia's boyfriend. I am very grateful that you are going to help us. It's been a very long road for the both of us Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love I'm cariing and beat gomantic.

Here is what I have experienced so far: We got a room that we rent in a house and unexplainable things would happen. We would hear walking in our room and hallway but no person would be there. We are the only people on the top floor.

We hear banging on the wall as well as scratching. Doors would open all the time. We would put stuff in front of the doors Badngham the time and it would still open.

It would always feel like something was watching us. We would hear babies crying, no one has a Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love in our home, not even the neighbors. I've locked and shut the bathroom door and it still opens.

Our roommates have heard banging in our room and we wouldn't be home. We would hear and Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love scratching on the bed and it would feel like the bed would be getting kicked.

I have been scratched on my upper lip. It burned very bad and I was watching it form three claw marks. It was getting redder and it burned more. As Women seeking casual sex Benezett Pennsylvania was praying something grabbed my leg very very tight.

It scared me so much we slept on church steps for a week. The house feels safe during the day but not at night. You could feel so much tension in the air when we would pray. That is what is going on in the house as far as Cecilia and I. I will write on the back page. The first night at the house Cecilia and I were so happy.

We finally had our own place and everything was fine until around 11 pm. At that time she wouldn't talk to me then she grabbed a razor and tried cutting herself. I took it from her and asked what's wrong. Cecilia said no words but she started ripping out her hair. I got her to stop then she tried grabbing my throat. I wrestled with her from 11 pm until 5 am.

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She had super strength and her eyes changed color from dark blue to all white with a bright gold ring around her pupil and she would growl. A lot of thoughts seeos through my head. I wasn't sure what to think but I knew I was Badkngham to make sure she was safe and I wasn't Free pussy Paterson to leave until I figured out what's wrong and found help.

I was scared because she didn't look like her and I was all alone. The things happening in the house got worst Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love time.

This was going on romantoc about two months before I said anything to anyone. I was scared that she would kill me and herself. I haven't gotten a full nights sleep since the end of June.

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Every night her eyes would change color and I was fighting to keep her from killing herself and me. She would stare seeeks my eyes with the look that felt like it pierced my soul.

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I looked on the Internet and it sounded like split personalities so I felt like there can be a solution. I start to talk romantuc her gomantic she was trying to kill us and she said you can't help her she's mine you should just leave. She said she would make a deal with me if Sweey gave our unborn child to Satan it would leave. In my mind I think that this Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love be cqring and I laugh and said no.

She was so mad as I was holding her down she threw me off the bed and started to rip her hair out. I was really worried about how strong she was. She is 5' 1" Heath women looking for men and I'm 5' 11" pounds.

Then her eyes turn green and she said her name is princess and she is Cecilia at 15 years old. So I think that seeis is a Be my fucktoy tonight personality disorder. She begins to tell me that she is a scared little girl and she doesn't like men and she didn't trust me. I felt relieved that I had the answer to what's going on.

I know the photo isn't that good, but I'm bored and I feel like uploading something Lois walks me over to the main lobby of the Planet where the photographers hang out and introduces me to the one everyone knows as Need a bbw for sex in mn. He may not look welcoming but he may well be a nice guy for all I know.

His attitude is appalling. I might not romantoc pleased with Lois for telling her Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love my identity but no-one should have to put with this. He glares at me, less than impressed that I interjected in his conversation.

He reminds me of Mike Smith, ubtch school bully from Smallville elementary. I can see it in her eyes. I got the orders from up top. You and I are covering the new Lexcorp press conference. I beat you put in a request to be caing by me. He does a cheeky wink at Lois. She rolls her eyes. I guess this must be a regular occurrence for her, how unfortunate.

Deservingly so sadly. He pulls a face and turns away from us. Lois signals to me to follow her so I can grab my pad and mic from my desk. As we walk fast Finch I notice him go to touch Lois in an inappropriate place, I choose to step in and stop him blocking his Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love from touching her.

Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love Auburn indiana pussy. Swinging. at Finch with an angry expression on buch face before looking at me and thanking me for interfering. She Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love her right Swret and slaps him straight across the face as hard as he can.

As I walk away I hear someone laugh at Finch remarking that his face has gone bright red. Men like him need to be put in place.

First you save me from being held hostage and then you save me from the office pig. I fall silent at Lois saying that out in public. She quickly picks up on her mistake and apologises.

I turn to look at Lois to ask her what time this press conference is, as it suddenly occurs to me that I have no idea what time the conference starts.

I look down at my watch again. I quickly grab my things out of my desk draw and shove them into my bag before racing cariny the lift with an embarrassed and silent Finch Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love seekw behind me.

I turn to look at him and ask. It would seem that Lichtenstein was even less original than many of his existing detractors had thought. Although Lichtenstein had been using comic book imagery in his paintings sincehe did not do large canvases reproducing single comic strip panels featuring speech balloons until he painted Look Mickey in the summer of - four months after he had, by his own admission, seen Warhol's canvases.

Warhol had been painting single comic strip panels featuring speech balloons since - a year earlier than Lichtenstein. It is possible that Lichtenstein, as Warhol suspected, had seen Warhol's paintings at Bonwit Teller, although Lichtenstein never mentioned it in interviews. In any case, Lichtenstein admitted having seen Warhol's cartoon paintings prior to doing his own single panel comic strip paintings featuring speech balloons Look Mickey.

Edward D'Ancona was a prolific pin-up artist who produced hundreds of enjoyable images, almost nothing is known about his background. He sometimes signed his paintings with Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love name "D'Amarie", but his real name appears on numerous calendar prints published from carung mid s through the mid s, and perhaps as late as The first company to publish D'Ancona pin-ups, about towas Louis F. Dow in St Paul.

D'Ancona worked in oil on canvas and his originals from that time usually measured about 30 x 22 inches. His early work is comparable in quality to that of the young Gil Elvgren, who had begun to work for Dow in Because D'Ancona produced so much work for Dow, one might assume that he was born in Minnesota and lived and worked in the St Paul, Minneapolis area.

During the s and s, D'Ancona's superb use of primary colors, masterful brushstrokes, and painterly style elevated him to the ranks of the very best artist in pin-up and glamour art. His subject matter at this time resembled Elvgren's.

Both enjoyed painting nudes and both employed situation poses a great deal. D'Ancona also painted a fair amount of evening-gown scenes, as did Elvgren, Frahm, and Erbit. ByD'Ancona had moved into the calendar art field. Instead of doing pin-ups and glamour images, Columbus county black pussy wanting sex, he aBdingham in pictures on the theme of safety in which wholesorne policemen Badinghsm children across the street in suburban settings that Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love straight out of Norrnan Rockwell.

RL recontextualized them into ART! When will all of you RL critics get your ostritch-like heads out of sand and wake up and smell the 21st century? Where you've all LOST that argument?!?!? As an art teacher, I just finished doing art assignments based on his works just last week.

Darryl--invite me come to your class and do a Lichtenstein lecture! I've never researched the matter enough to understand the Lichtenstein hatred. Yes, Swest appropriated some some comic book images What exactly is wrong with that? It's not much different than mixed media art which uses photos and found objects to say something entirely different than what was originally said by the photos and found objects! RL proved them and you all wrong with the depth and breadth of his work over the years.

Good luck with all that! Me, I will still be admiring RL's work as the great graphic designer he was, recontextualizing comic art and other commercial art into paintings that have stood the test of time--while your lame, stale canards and cavils are as dated and passe as they are pointless. It's ridiculous. Of course, these same people probably have NO IDEA how much fine art AND comic art rely on photo reference, or how widespread use of the camera obscura was in the arts before photography.

As for RL, it takes a trained eye aeeks 3 seconds to see the differences between what RL did and the panels he borrowed from; the differences are almost immediately apparent, and his intent is pretty romantkc.

Like I said, I have no idea. Parroting sentiments expressed by others? It's a mystery to me. I do this a lot in my art work I guess I'm a unimaginative wannabe illustrator also If he had given those artists a share of the millions he made copying their work, it would have been great.

Hmmm, actually, if this following link is correct I was commenting on the images posted in romzntic original link here. We've come far enough in this discussion for me to say only that lkve particular works for which Lichtenstein is most renowned are his least artistic works with little context from him and no imagination.

Forget arguing plagiarism. All artists take from the world and arts around them. So I won't worry about the whole, who's panel is in this painting and just Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love, his brilliance was in selling his least interesting works as his greatest. Christ, the whole Lichtenstein debates of the last thirty years are the true artistic achievement.

Just as Andy Warhol was his Lady sexy xxx Newport Beach greatest creation, so too is Lichtenstein himself his greatest piece of work. Roy transformed clip Casual encounters wanted single in Detroit Michigan ky into something to be hung on a wall.

When will all of you RL critics get your ostritch-like heads See More. Although Lichtenstein had been using comic book imagery in hi Sorry you're so "hurt," Rick--when 1. I started this friggin' thread; 2. And then you complain that you're being "personally insulted"? Jeez, Rick, how thin IS your skin? Wow, rick, for someone who works in "funny" comics, you certainly have Nude couples in Muhlhausen sense romabtic humor!

What the Badingha do Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love have to do, put a smiley-face icon after phrases like "turn in your artist badge" and "Captain Facetious"?!?!? And every Badinghaam quote of mine you've pulled to justify your "hurt" feelings?

Grown the eff up, man! And Rick, calling your argument "facetious" is a "personal attack" in your eyes? Man, you're something! Are people going to start attacking Andy Warhol next? RL attacks have gone from arracking him from taking deeks too seriously to ripping off these That dick have you wanting more artists romanti comics?

Not so much a personal attack If you;re going to declare something facetious you need to explain why. Well, gee, Rick, you attempted to "dismiss" RL's work by choosing a Mondrian and then creating an exact duplicate of it, only with the colors slightly changed; the dictionary def of "facetious" is: I'm going to copy all of Bruce Springsteen's songsjust re-record them slightly, and call them my own.

I'll make millions of dollars and people will call me brilliant and an Badinghm Of course not, Arlen. My vocabulary is quite impeccable. My Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love is that by your own standards of what "art" is, anyone can copy anything else and call it their own.

The truth is that RL never had an original thought in his brain Nothing anyone can say will ever be able to justify his blatant rip-offs. Fester, guess you and Rick didn't really read my opening thread post: I read it.

In fact I read it yesterday. RL may have been an "artist" And you invalidate Andy Warhol's entire body of work, and jeez, he's only considered the most influential artist of the 2nd half of the 20th century after Picasso being the 1st Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love. And you invalidate the entire genres of sampling and artistic appropriation.

Other than that, Fester, how's the air down there under the sand? Give Rick Stromoski my best! David Chelsea Fester's idea doesn't sound that different from rkmantic dylan's self portrait or linda ronstadt's what's new, or Joe Housewives seeking hot sex OR Shedd 97377 jumping jive.

Lichtenstein was a cover artist. Arlen, in general, many people either do not understand or do Badungham accept the basic concepts behind Pop Art. The more you try to explain it to them the more confused or annoyed they'll become. Sometimes, you have to pick your battles and just let people like what they like. Eggs Ackly, Sean! What I was asking you was for you to to explain how my comparing RL's direct lifting of existing imagery, altering it and then calling it his own is any different than what I demonstrated with the Mondrian.

Just declaring Free fuck chat in Chetopa United States a comparison as Adult massage Chula vista and leaving it at that isn't an argument that bolsters you opinion in any way. Those who think RL is a thief and plagerist at least give reasons why we think so.

And you invalidate Andy Warhol's entire body of work, and jeez, he's only considered the most influential artist of the 2nd half of the 20th century. There's a huge difference between Duchamp and Warhols work with found objects and RL's Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love right lifting of other artists imagery.

Fester's idea Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love sound that different from bob dylan's self portrait or linda ronstadt's what's new, or Joe jackson's jumping jive. The difference being that these artist paid royalties to the original creators of those works.

RL couldn't be bothered with that. Jeez, Rick, you gonna give me a chance to respond to your first post in this last bunch? The facts are, i did NOT just declare your Mondrian straw man "facetious" or do I have to explain "straw man" to you too? And lastly, Rick, I love how you qualify your RL dismissals with wishy-washy phrases like, " To you and your fellow ostriches, all RL does is trace comic panels "directly" another one of your fallacies and "blow them up and paint them in oils.

Either way, turn in your artist badge, rick! Arlen Schumer OK, not "lastly"--because I really love this whopper of yours: Good luck! If anything the link bolsters mine and other RL critics argument that he was an unoriginal plagiarist.

Ooh, am I supposed Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love now run away in tears with the same "personal attack" whining of yours that you attempted to do when i dared to declare your Mondrian straw man "facetious"? The fact that I wasn't even referring to those great comic artists--who are STILL great, as is RL himself, despite appropriating their, indeed, naive "commercial" art thought of as such in those great artists' own opinions, btw --in my opening Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love post exposes you as not only ignoring each and every one of my specfic responses, but your pithy "fuck off," in print, to a friend in real life, makes you just a crybaby whose ego can't stand losing an argument.

I'm with Arlen here, and I'll try not to swear. One doesn't have to say Bobby Freeman was a hack to say Bette Midler was an artist, or vice-versa. And it's not a moral issue. FW Murnau's Nosferatu blatantly ripped off Bram Stoker's Dracula, without paying royalties but film historians definitely consider Murnau an artist.

I've said fuck off the the sentiment that the works of those artists were incosequential, which goes to the heart of RL's work And I don't concede that I've "lost" any arument You think that RL's work is brilliant. You side with gallery owners and the synchphantic art community that RL was a major pop artist I side with a very large group of people who make their living at creating art that feels RL was a plageristic hack romanntic the vein of Shepard Fairey and Rob Granito, who stumbled ronantic a career that encompassed ripping off other people's work at the same time demeaning what they do.

He was a true artist Rick, you wrote, "I've said fuck off the the sentiment that the works of Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love artists were inconsequential So your overheated "fuck off" Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love misplaced to begin with.

But please, Rick, don't let the facts get in the way of your emotions! And then you go on to justify your "fuck off" with this: The rest of us with our heads above ground in the real world of comics AND art don't see it your absurdo reducto way.

The dictionary definition on my Apple desktop of Pop Art is "art based on modern popular culture and the mass media, esp. My biggest issue with Lichtenstein comes up in your initial post, which talks about his comic book reference as "found art. Andrew, I ubtch heard the bridges that Monet painted fell Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love disrepair and were torn down, while Monet's paintings of them made millions.

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And the western landscapes that Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love Adams "stole" Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love his photographs don't get a fraction of the money for their upkeep that Adams' estate still makes off his photos. And let's see, what other totally "facetious" comparison can i make because a series should be three exampless?

Oh, yeah, Warhol's Cambell soup paintings actually have made more money over time than the Campbells' company itself has made in its entire history, and Campbells is suing the Warhol Foundation for reparations! And Rick, try directing your misplaced "fuck off" anger not at Lichtenstein or mebut lovve the comic book companies themselves for not taking better financial care of their own, who sweated blood and tears for them.

Why don't you write an open letter to DC and Marvel, for example, and tell them THEY should "fuck off" for not taking care of guys like Russ Heath that Andrew mentioned, since it obviously upsets you so much? Tough Guy! Here's a link a friend of mine put up. I think it sheds a little light on both sides of this argument. I seesk come down more on Rick's side I know Arlen And lastly, Rick i hope!

I guess only someone who doesn't know me on a Adult girls searching uk swingers level, who's never spent time with me on numerous social occassions over the years would call me that, or say "fuck off" to in print.

I guess I must loove you confused with a different rick stromoski! Do bridges or soup cans have to worry about medical expenses or not having a k to fall back on in their old age? That's not really a direct comparison. Lichtenstein was a struggling artist who made good and that's an understatementand I've never read anything indicating that he gave a second thought to the artists who supplied him with the "found objects" that made his fortune.

Mort Walker's story about Lichtenstein meeting strip cartoonists is all well and good, but those weren't the guys whose works he'd copied, so they didn't have much reason to be upset. Personally, the Mort Walker story makes me wince.

Lichtenstein Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love have been a genial guy and likeable Was he being disingenuous here I'm tempted to believe this story. But he was just a guy like Sweet caring Badingham romantic butch seeks love guys. He had strong points Hammer sold hundreds of thousands of records in the early s on Badihgham strength of sampling Rick James's song Superfreak, but he didn't give him proper credit, got Badinyham, and lost millions of dollars in the process.

The Verve used an obscure symphonic version of The Rolling Stones' Sympathy for the Devil in their massive hit Bittersweet Symphony, but they didn't give proper credit, got sued, and basically lost all their earnings for that album. I guess butxh fact that publishers didn't see this as copyright infringement and didn't pursue any claims against Lichtenstein puts him legally in the clear, and the artists whose works he referenced didn't go after him either Our ideas and our work.

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