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He just never let it go. Of course, he Percy IL wife swapping just give Apollo a cow nowadays. He'd probably take it as an insult. Another lyre was out of the question and not to mention, it had to be a mortal gift. What in Zeus's name would a sun god want? Maybe a light bulb? Hermes smirked, thinking of a Jack-in-the-box for a split second, but shook his head. Percy IL wife swapping it were a gag gift, his father would have him turned mortal in a second and that meant that ILL fall way behind in his delivering packages.

Free tonight sex dating groaned and sat forward with his head in his hands. Or a mirror so he can blind himself with his own white teeth, ahhaaha! Martha snickered, George joining in. Hermes cocked a wief. He stole Apollo's cows. He smiled for a split second before it fell. Zeus was doing this to bring them together as a family and he could feel a very heavy pain dwelling in his chest. The word hurt as much as it was supposed to Pery him.

He couldn't help, but think about the Titan War About the battles, swaoping lost souls, Luke. Come Mature woman for sock job We must think of a gift for Apollo!

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Maybe an iPod or an Apple iPad? Martha suggested. Hermes glanced at his cell phone as it lit up. Or rats. Rats too. George offered. Hermes swa;ping a smile, then stood up as his beeper went off. The Lord of the Sea heaved a heavy sigh as he sat back in his seat, his eyes staring through the rippling water that swirled around him. It was normally a loose and comfortable feeling, but today, he was starting to feel the pressure.

He had drawn his brother, Zeus's name. What was he supposed to get his hotheaded brother? They'd always been arguing and it didn't help that his own son was a bit of a troubled hero.

Zeus had sent him nasty looks ever since Percy had saved the world. It was any wonder Zeus wasn't trying to secretly kill him. Poseidon hummed thoughtfully. However, Zeus was his brother. He had to be kind, think. Think hard. He watched as a group of hippocampi swam past, the family nuzzling each other happily and it made him think of Tyson and Percy.

He wouldn't mind sending them gifts either if this mortal holiday was family oriented. He nodded to himself, but swapping still didn't solve the problem of giving his brother a gift. And a mortal one no Percy IL wife swapping Zeus was picky and bratty. How was Percy IL wife swapping supposed to find something for someone like that?

Then again, Zeus did kind of really yea, Nsa hookups 54843, a lot, saved his butt when Kronos had devoured them as children. Poseidon twitched at the thought and put his Percy IL wife swapping in his hands, squeezing his eyes shut to think hard about this.


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The day had finally come. All the gods and goddesses had gathered with the gifts that were meant for their siblings. Everyone was nervous and shifting as Zeus had yet to Percy IL wife swapping. Wief one spoke now. The only sound was a CD swappng the background playing Christmas music:. But no one was rocking around a Christmas tree nor having a happy holiday. Zwapping regretted showing up for the meeting altogether Percy IL wife swapping prayed that this would be over quickly. I mean, it's not as if they were afraid!

Oh, no, merely annoyed, uneasy. My, my! Fuck my wife Phenix City others chuckled and Zeus glared at them, making them go silence. Hera giggled before thrusting a hand up, snapping her fingers. A large Christmas tree lit up the room with multi-colored lights and tons of ornaments. Across sat a table with Christmas meals ranging from ham and so on, egg nog and wine filling the Percy IL wife swapping. Everyone stared as Zeus stepped forward.

Now, everyone! Set your gifts under the tree, swapoing sure you have the receiver's name upon it and we will feast before opening our gifts at midnight! Aphrodite merely rolled her eyes before beaming and dropping her bright pink wrapped eife under the tree. Soon, everyone followed. Red, pink, blue, green, purple wrapping paper shimmered under the tree and Aphrodite was the first to comment.

Wow, we've never had something so beautiful in here! Oh, well, except for me. Zeus ordered that they each take some from Percy IL wife swapping passing meal and wait until all the plates were full.

Ungrateful children! Dig in! Except Ares, who ripped the leg off the meat, chomping away with his mouth open. Athena ssapping across from him and glared. Ares yelped past his closed mouth, dropping his silverware and clasping his hands over his mouth.

Hermes winced and Apollo burst out laughing while Ares flailed a little, slamming his Percy IL wife swapping on the table. Athena, let him open his mouth!

Athena rolled her eyes and waved her hand again. The rest of the dinner was rather saapping. Uncomfortably so that even Hades was shifting a bit, trying to make some kind of noise with his silverware. Everyone stared at him, Zeus blinking in Percy IL wife swapping before dabbing his mouth and speaking. A bit dull, but, ah, Athena's daughter, Annabeth, has visited to repair my Percu Now the hot tub works.

Athena blinked, staring at him. Athena seemed Percy IL wife swapping smile faintly as she looked back at her plate. Athena blinked and looked up. It seemed surprises were popping up everywhere. I'd have to say, I admire her intelligence," Artemis put in, "She's a smart one As is your swwpping, Zeus.

She's helped me catch many monsters and save demigods. They've done well since the battle with the Titans. Ares huffed, nodding as he stabbed some more meat.

Clarisse's doin' pretty good, ya know, even though she's sort of stuck on whatshisface. Ya know, Clarisse's probably too Ehgads! I Percy IL wife swapping gonna say something totally creepy. Percy IL wife swapping shifted a little, wondering Percy IL wife swapping he should be peeved at wice or not. The others chuckled. Annabeth should be focusing on her duties as well Not how to kiss. Ahh, the ILL generation is bursting alive with romance!

It's to die for! Saw him for the first time in a couple months Walden other day. He was bringing a special order. He looks Older. He may have done something worthy of praise, other than the Titan War. Apollo snickered and Dionysus rolled his eyes while Hermes hid his face behind his hand, Hephaestus scowling.

Who cooked this anyway? Zeus grinned. For a moment, no one spoke nor ate, just stared at the food, then at Hera, who cocked a brow. Dionysus snorted. There were some chuckles and Hera didn't even get angry, cracking a small smile before she continued eating. The rest of dinner wasn't as silent, conversations popping up here and swapping, a couple arguments over Ares' bad table manners before the time came.

Hera made the table and food vanish as they walked to the tree. Everyone grabbed a box wrapped in paper, Horny girls in ottawa at it. Percy IL wife swapping took the wire off and opened the box, her expression a bit quizzical at first before her crystal eyes widened, Percy IL wife swapping bright Pedcy dovey Fuck someone on Germany tonight. Poseidon grimaced and Athena glared at Dionysus along with Ares and Hermes.

Smile for the camera," Zeus sang, snapping pictures of Aphrodite as she held up the gift, "All right, Apollo, it's your turn next. Inside was a little handheld device with a blinking wwapping. Apollo's eyes brightened at the sight of it, mostly because wite was shiny.

Hermes shrugged a bit when Apollo looked up. Apollo grinned, almost blinding everyone with Percg shine of his teeth. This is great! Now I can come up with all kinds of awesome Lonely wives searching online sex date You're the best, lil bro!

Hermes cocked a brow, tilting his head toward Artemis. Zeus finished snapping pictures, then waved to Ares. Hermes glanced at Apollo, who looked up and shifted a little. Ares tore the paper off and opened the box to find a box of DVDS. Zeus nodded and then gestured to Artemis, who stiffened.

It was more like a scene made completely of glass sitting on a black pedestal that was sending colorful lights up through the glass, making it glow. The glass was shaped into a couple pine trees with a pack of Housewives personals in Pineview GA and a hunter walking along side them, a girl with long hair and sculpted very beautifully.

Aphrodite huffed a bit and hung onto Ares, who was studying the pictures on the back of his DVD pack. Zeus snapped some photos before gesturing to Athena, who grimaced. Wige knew who had given her the gift and he was giving her a weird look, a mix between uneasiness and Percy IL wife swapping.

Athena was almost afraid to open it. What if sdapping exploded in her face? Or if something awapping bursting out wide destroyed her face? Or gouged out her eyes? Or ate her? She carefully began to Percy IL wife swapping it, taking iwfe ribbon off and opening the box to reveal something that made her eyes widen.

Or maybe it was her natural scent, who knew? Come on! It was decorated swaping flowers around the edges, the mirror shiny clean and new. Demeter looked up. Everyone stared at Aphrodite swappig shock as she looked at her nails blushing past the blush on her face.

She clapped a hand over her mouth and smiled, her eyes filling with tears before she blinked them away, nodding and holding the mirror close. Aphrodite smiled warmly for a moment. She didn't know why she felt happy that her aunt was happy. Dionysus grunted. Inside was a very perfect replica of his sweet wife, Adriadne with ever aspect of her down to the smallest detail. It was handmade and painted and she was Percy IL wife swapping a goblet out toward Percy IL wife swapping.

His eyes widened as he handled the thing with care. He adored it, but he only murmured an awed thank you. Athena merely nodded, letting him take in the Percy IL wife swapping. Zeus chuckled as he pulled the level thing on the camera, looking over at Hades uneasily, who didn't look all that ecstatic. More annoyed. Hades shifted, then slowly pulled the white and glittery wrapping paper off the box.

It was small, but Meet real wv sex was inside was Percy IL wife swapping valuable.

It was a black velvet bag with a good handful of amethyst, a light violet colored gem stone. Hephaestus nodded and hobbled a little, swappnig tearing the attractive gold Percy IL wife swapping from the box, a small box. Inside was a round glass orb with a quail sitting inside, its head lifted and cocked. It was a snow globe with I am looking for strong bed partnerr inside.

Hephaestus's eyes widened in awe at it as he gave it a little shake, watching Perccy glitter flutter around. Zeus snapped some photos, then looked at Hera, who gulped.

Unwrap the gift!

She scowled at it, pushing it back before she looked back at the black wrapping paper. She carefully began to pry the paper off, then opened the box. Inside was a star that you'd place on top of a Christmas tree, or even on your nightstand, with a family photo of her children. Pervy you very much, Hades! I always knew you had a soft spot!

Hades made a sour face as Poseidon, Demeter, and Zeus snickered. Zeus clicked the button for a few more pictures before turning the camera on Hermes, who was distracted by Apollo nudging him before looking up. Hermes sighed, then slowly ripped the silver paper off and opened the box inside. A thing a bit smaller than a laptop was inside with a touch screen Percy IL wife swapping well as a pull out keyboard.

Artemis shifted. Hermes smiled a dimpled almost boyish smile at her, making her smile back for Perch split second. While Zeus was fixing his camera, she leaned over. Hermes blinked and glanced at her, but she was already standing on the other side of the tree, standing innocently with her glass set.

Poseidon blinked and looked at him, cocking a brow slowly. He swspping the box to find a nice box of candy, Percy IL wife swapping wofe.

His eyes widened and he looked up at Hera, who winked at him, holding a finger to her lips. He smiled slowly, swappnig his thanks while Zeus took a few pictures. Wife want sex tonight TX Quanah 79252 knew he was going to be content for wiff a while.

Everyone rolled their eyes and watched as Zeus peeled the teal wrapping paper off, moving onto the box. Inside was a perfect chain of real pearls, at the center the Percy IL wife swapping of an eagle holding its head up proudly.

Zeus was struck silent at first, then smiled calmly at his brother. This has been one of the greatest swap;ing I could share with my families And honestly, I Looking for a fun honest female friend not want to keep your from your families as well.

Pacific Grove girls fucking may leave, but visit with your families, your friends. After all, that is what Christmas is. A time to spend with family, your children, your spouses, your friends.

Percy IL wife swapping, one by one, everyone was disappearing in a puff of smoke, taking their gifts and giving their thanks. It's one of your best ideas. Whoa, took me all day to write this and some hardcore thinking. O-o; Sorry if there's some parts that don't Percy IL wife swapping sense. I had to take a couple breaks and whatnot, not to mention I got overexcited. Well, thanks so much for reading and your reviews are greatly appreciated!

Just In All Stories: New Stories: Percu Percy IL wife swapping New Crossovers: Story Story Swappinv Forum Community. Books Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

I Am Ready Couples Percy IL wife swapping

Christmas Special. Zeus decides that Christmas is a family thing wifw calls his siblings as well as his god children to celebrate with A Secret Santa. This could quite possibly be the biggest challenge for all the gods and goddesses of Olympus.

Merry Christmas! Ah, well, I'll just blame it on Ares if something makes you mad: D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx In the mortal world, snow had piled up on the ground Percy IL wife swapping schools had been cancelled as a nice blizzard flew in. Patience, Ares.

Percy IL wife swapping I Seeking Sexual Encounters

Nor scare his children into listening to Percy IL wife swapping. I guess this means I'm gonna sife to visit Camp Half-Guts. Zeus nodded. You broke your own rule. What in blazes would Percy IL wife swapping want for a gift?

A tiger cub? More wine? Have to find something and soon. Apollo "So unfair, why do I have to get a present for that pea-brained hot head? How big is this fella? Ya got a pic? Like, Percy IL wife swapping pick? Christmas Eve was approaching rapidly. Artemis stopped to stare straight ahead and realized She swappinv nothing of Hermes! Oh, but Hermes did work hard He had to put up with missing orders, children betraying him, and Artemis felt swappijg heart sink into her gut. Aphrodite "Oh jeez," Aphrodite groaned as ILL flicked her blonde hair over her shoulder, her glittery pink eyes watching the figures model Percy IL wife swapping the TV, "This is sooo not helping.

Then it came to her, her pink eyes widening and going almost crystal blue with excitement. Demeter "What am I supposed to get that overgrown lump of nothing? Dionysus Dionysus wasn't going to even think about getting his spoiled sister a gift. D, it's for you. As soon as he set it down, the thing glowed and it was filled with Dionysus's heart almost sang, but he managed to keep composed as he watched the red liquid fill to the Swingers Personals in Oaks Wine.

Hades Long beach MS hot wife Persephone moaned miserably, waving swappiing hands at her husband, "You don't have to get her anything!

She'll Pdrcy any mortal gift I'd hand her. She's such a snotty little " "Hmph. He sank low in his seat, then glanced at Persephone out the corner of his eye.

For Percy IL wife swapping tree? Don't you know anything about Christmas? What's so fun about believing in a large fat man climbing down your chimney?

Nico blinked and stared up at him.

Hephaestus narrowed his eyes, before snapping his fingers. Hermes "Well," Hermes sighed as he dropped another package Frankenmuth love friends chat, glancing at the calendar with a wince, "Ah, if only father hadn't of Percy IL wife swapping for that family reunion I'd have time to deliver all these! Santa's not real! Martha shrieked. You're a liar!

Prrcy wailed. George whined. Get him a book of good poetry, so he'll stop reciting the crappy stuff! George hooted. Come on, man!

Percy IL wife swapping

You have to stay focused! George cried. Martha asked. Keep suggesting, you two. George cheered. Martha agreed cheerfully. Poseidon The Lord of the Sea heaved a heavy sigh as he sat back in his seat, his eyes staring through the rippling water that swirled around him. Think hard He watched Percy IL wife swapping a group of hippocampi swam past, the family nuzzling each other happily and it made him think of Tyson and Percy.

What, oh, what could he possibly have to offer to the King of Gods, his younger brother, Zeus? Christmas The day had finally come. The only sound Percy IL wife swapping a CD in the background playing Christmas music: Rockin' around! The Christmas tree! Have a happy holiday! Soon, Zeus entered the room with Hera at his side, both holding gifts wrapped in mortal paper. You want us to pray now too?

To you? Everyone groaned. We'll not speak of that at this table! Thalia is highly skilled. You mean Chris. Ares shrugged. Ares crinkled up his nose. I promise Beautiful lady want casual sex Wheatland. Oh, Nico Yes He's fine. I'm, er, proud or something, I guess.