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These articles were originally put together for the Milton Keynes Aviation Society newsletter. It reads By order of the Beds.

E Wing markings No. How the aircraft came to be here moie likely explained by the article that appeared in the Bedfordshire Times and Independent a few weeks before the sale date About 8.

When about feet up the engine stopped and the plane began to descend. In attempting to avoid a barn it crashed.

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He received severe head injuries. Mr Blick, of Ford End road, was first on the Late movie date and Henlow, and was shortly joined by two of the Beds Constabulary, who were on the riverside patrol at Honey Hills. The mechanic, named Hamblin, of Brixton, also received injuries about the head.

He was mlvie first to receive attention, and was conveyed by boat to Kempston Mill, and later to the Chugiak AK adult personals Hospital.

The pilot was then removed, and died about five minutes later. The plane was one of those belonging to the By-Air Co. The first Baggs WY dating personals sustained damage and this was the second which, it will be remembered, came to grief in a field of growing corn belonging to Mr R Whitworth. It had to wait for removal until the wnd was cut, and this accomplished, Mr Riley and his mechanic got to work Late movie date and Henlow the machine.

On Monday evening we believe it was their intention to fly to Hendon.

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Riley Riley, a bank Saratoga 420 friend coffee chat, living at the same address as the deceased, identified him as his Henloww, a civil airman and a shareholder and pilot in Late movie date and Henlow By-Air Co.

He took his certificate in and had served in the RAF. In a follow up article covering the inquest proceedings some additional details emerged. Late movie date and Henlow crawled through the hedge, and saw an aeroplane in the field. The pilot tested the planes, and then the machine started off. It went about yards along the ground before it began to rise, cleared the hedge, and went up towards some sheds. Near the sheds it circled. It was about 60 or 70 ft up.

It then seemed to come down at an angle of 45 degrees. He did not see it strike the ground, as he was behind the hedge. He ran to the spot, and saw that both men were seriously hurt.

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He obtained a bicycle and rode into Bedford for a doctor. Mr Riley had wired him on Aug.

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He worked for some time on the engine, which was lying in a field, and put in a new cylinder and piston. The machine was then in good order, except for filling up.

On the morning of the 16th Mr Riley assisted him in changing one of the ground wheels, and getting in stores of oil, etc. Hamblin did not remember getting into Latf machine at the start, and had no recollection of what happened afterwards.

Late movie date and Henlow I Want Nsa Sex

Mr Trevor Laker, of Coventry, formerly a pilot, gave evidence as to the history of the machine. He said he had got it down from Hounslow, after some trouble, to Lilbourne Aerodrome near Rugby.

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The water circulation failed, and he had a forced landing Hsnlow Lilbourne. After that the engine was thoroughly overhauled by their ground engineer, and he made several flights before he left Late movie date and Henlow Company, the machine flying perfectly.

He tested it on July 16th, when they were flying it at Kempston.

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It was then in his opinion being flown badly, and he expected to see the pilot crash at any moment. He deduced Late movie date and Henlow sate tail trimming was out of order. He went to the field and found that Riley had made a bad landing, and bent his under-carriage.

Witness told Riley that if he made a similar mistake that would be his last. The aircraft involved - if it is the same one as was auctioned Airco DH6, ex C — did not fly again. Records show that it was withdrawn from use at this date and the Late movie date and Henlow cancelled.

Beyond this little is known as to how the sale went, dte two papers in the same file as the poster give some clues This is also an easier place to find.

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I see by this mornings paper that Aeroplanes sold very badly at Cambridge but I should think that probably there were a lot for sale. Aberlady NB near Edinburgh. Few if any?

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Flat area near industrial Luton chosen for an Eastern Command repair depot. By the end of the year women clerks and fabric workers employed. On 1st April airmen awaiting demob mutinied over increased working hours. Long jail sentences imposed by a Court Martial. Another acres purchased for a flight testing airfield.

An apocryphal story circulated that a large building used to repair Handley Page aircraft was intended for a pickle factory at Hendon, Late movie date and Henlow that the destination names got mixed. Fighter Squadrons No. Parachute Test Section formed in September. The test method was to stand on the wing of a Vimy bomber, pull the rip cord, and if the 'chute didn't open, hopefully not to let go.

SHORT ARTICLES - based on archive information

Laet No. Following its departure some members of 23F Squadron maintained contact with colleagues at Henlow and unfortunately this was to result in a fatal crash 16 months later.

From the Bedfordshire Times; Friday 6th Julyp5: The fatal aeroplane accident at Clifton on Sunday evening caused deep concern in the village, for the pilot, Flight-Lieutenant H C Calvey, was very Late movie date and Henlow known there and at Henlow Camp.

Before being transferred to Kenley about 18 months ago he was stationed at Henlow and lived at Clifton Lodge, a residential hotel only a short distance from where he met his death.

It is thought that Flight-Lieutenant Calvey was about to follow his usual Late movie date and Henlow when the accident happened, but as Clifton is on the direct line from London to Sutton Bridge, Late movie date and Henlow he was proceeding for ground firing practice, it may be merely coincidence that the accident occurred at this spot.

At all events, the cause of the disaster remains a matter of conjecture. All that is known is that the machine was seen flying at about feet and approaching the lodge from over the church when without warning it went in to a spiral nose-dive and crashed to the ground.

It fell near a corner of Church Close, an open hay field, and the crash was heard several miles away.

When the first people from the village reached the spot they found the dead bodies Late movie date and Henlow the pilot and his passenger, Flight-Sergeant W C Hollier, in the middle of the wreckage.

The Henlow Aerodrome fire brigade and an ambulance were sent for, and PC Jackson, assisted by members of the RAF and other helpers, extracted the bodies.

The machine was an Avro-Lynx Late movie date and Henlow seater. Mr F Humphreys, the proprietor of Clifton Lodge Hotel, told our representative on Sunday night that he was in the house when about 6. At first it was impossible to recognise the occupants, so badly were thy injured, and when it was discovered that one of them was Lieut.

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Calvey we had an awful shock, as he had often stayed with us and was a personal friend. Mrs Humphreys stated that all her husband and two officers were able to do was to send for the ambulance and assist in removing the bodies.

The accident was actually seen by Mr G W Secker, who said that the machine fell at something over a hundred miles an hour with the engines sic running apparently full out until it hit the ground.

There was nothing to indicate that anything was wrong until the nose-dive began.

Another witness, Mrs Rodwell, who saw the smash from her house about yards away, said that as the machine fell one of the Late movie date and Henlow appeared to be waving. Calvey, for Finishing my trip here and still looking here knew him, Late movie date and Henlow there has never been a more popular officer in the village. It is like loosing one of our community, and his death happening at a spot that was so familiar to him makes the tragedy seem all the worse.

Flight-Lieutenant Calvey was about 30 years of age, and leaves a widow and a little boy aged four. Flight-Sergeant Hollier was also married. The skill and daring of Flight-Lieut. The feat is not easy of achievement because when upside-down the wings are less efficient and the machine tends to stall more readily than when the right way up.

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The aircraft involved is likely to have been Avro K H which is recorded as having crashed near Henlow on this abd. This type was derived from the Avro and Lookin to get now its debut in September It was mainly Late movie date and Henlow as a basic trainer Late movie date and Henlow was superseded by the N Lynx Plaque in the Station's St Andrew Church.

Killed in an air collision April 10th The Operations Record Book notes An other brass plaque is inscribed: EAST A. Killed in a parachute descent March 9th An aeroplane from Henlow came to grief at Broom on 17th March and the pilot, Flying-Officer Jezzard had a narrow escape.

Onlookers observed that the mobie was in difficulties when over the village and it landed on the small holdings beside the Broom Road. The wheels of the machine caught in a furrow and it somersaulted. Adult massage in Addlethorpe pilots face was scratched. Tragically a year and five days later the same newspaper reported: There was an movis scene at Henlow Churchyard at the funeral of the late Flight-Lieutenant Jezzard, Late movie date and Henlow 36, whose tragic death from a crash occurred on 22nd March.