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Ill and need a friend

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10 ways to better support your chronically ill friends

I wish you from the bottom of my heart that you have a good life while I keep on fighting like the warrior that I am living mine. But I need to nee healthy boundaries for my survival as a disabled woman.

I know you had your own troubles, so I completely forgive you for not being in a place where you could understand. Leaving was something I had to do, not something I wanted to, and I hope you can understand that one day. I wish you knew how hard I worked for the short times I did driend with you.

I ened it was an inconvenience for Ill and need a friend for me Ill and need a friend have to cancel plans but I guarantee having a chronic illness is way more inconvenient for me!!

How embarrassing and difficult it truly is for me to not be able to be the reliable friend and true friend I am inside. The worst part heed knowing how much more I will miss. It has caused me to grow spiritually and mentally, and yet shrink socially and in my own confidence.

Ill and need a friend Wants Men

Frifnd has shown me how precious things are and how much we take for granted. It has taken so much from me but it has not taken me away.

I am here suffering, fighting, living any moment I can, finding joy where I can, and yet battling the sorrow, loneliness, fear, pain, anxiety, depressionsymptoms and so much more. I am still here though. Please do not forget or judge me. Preparing food, washing clothes, cleaning the house or driving your friend to and from the hospital for treatment are just a few of the practical nede of showing Ill and need a friend care.

They know their lives have made a dramatic shift: The majority of them had full, happy, lives, prior to becoming sick. That means they are. When you have a chronic condition, friends are pivotal. The Mighty's chronic illness community shares what they want to say to the friends that have left.

If you are unable to visit your sick friend due to distance or other circumstances, write a note. What do you say?

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Tell your friend how much she means to you. Reminisce about some of the fun times you've shared.

Promise you'll write to her again soon-and then follow through on that promise. Avoid sending a generic greeting card unless you've personalized it with a heartfelt message.

If you're not comfortable writing, consider sending video- or audio-taped "notes" to your friend. Or simpler yet, pick up the phone. Someone you care deeply about is seriosly ill.

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Odds are Il, will need support, too, as you explore your own feelings about this illness and the changes you see in your friend. Find someone who will listen to you without judgment as you talk out your own feelings.

And don't forget to take good care of yourself. Eat nutritious meals. Get ample rest.

Continue to exercise. Spend time doing things that make you happy. Not everyone can offer ongoing, supportive friendship to someone who is seriously ill. If you feel you simply can't cope with the situation, try to understand your reticence and learn from Ill and need a friend.

Ill and need a friend

Ask yourself, "Why am I so uncomfortable with this? Do not, however, avoid your friend altogether.

People with serious illnesses are often abandoned by friends and family, leaving them lonely and depressed. Phone rather than visit.

Write if you can't bring yourself to phone. Let your friend know that this situation is difficult for you ffiend at the same time acknowledging that your friend's fears and needs come first.

Flash Slothmore smiling. A human flopping the arms of a sleepy corgi. A blonde girl greeting a friend on the phone.

5 Tips for Being a Good Friend to a Chronically Ill Person | The Mighty

Two friends, or two cherries, smiling. Serena Williams speaking during a press conference via Giphy.

Being a good friend and having a chronic illness are not mutually exclusive. Of course not; you can still have a good time together, listen to your BFF's. They know their lives have made a dramatic shift: The majority of them had full, happy, lives, prior to becoming sick. That means they are. The Mighty's chronic illness community shares what they want to say to the friends that have left.

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