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Evidences of Progress Among Colored People: Electronic Edition. Richings, G. Source Description: Richings Eighth Edition p. Philadelphia Geo. Ferguson Co.

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OCR-ed text has been compared against the original document and corrected. Original grammar, punctuation, and spelling have been preserved. Encountered typographical errors have been preserved, and appear in red type. Any hyphens occurring in line breaks have been removed, and the Lonely looking sex Sioux Falls South Dakota part of a word has been joined to the preceding line.

All quotation marks, em dashes and ampersand have been transcribed as entity references. All double right and left quotation marks Fuck rich girls in Heathsville il encoded as " and " respectively. All single right and left quotation marks are encoded as ' and ' respectively.

English LC Subject Headings: African Americans -- History. African Americans -- Education. African Americans -- Biography.

African Americans -- Social conditions Fuck rich girls in Heathsville il To Church colleges -- United States. Church and education.

African American businesspeople. African American professional employees. Revision History: Page vs Copyrighted,by G. IT is a pleasant thing to introduce an individual or a friend to another individual or a friend; but Heathsvill introduce a book is more important than an individual introduction.

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Books are good Fuck rich girls in Heathsville il they are bad, just in proportion as their contents tend Fuck rich girls in Heathsville il producing right or wrong action of life; or convey truth or error. When the mission of a book is to present facts versus theory about an individual or a race, it ought to be encouraged by all who believe in fair play.

The author of this book has for a number of years been collecting facts in relation to the Progress of the Race since Emancipation. He has traveled East and West, North and South, with his eyes and ears open. For several years he has thrown these facts on the canvas to be seen and read in the New and Old World. He now proposes to present them to a larger and greater audience. It was impossible for all to attend his entertainments, but now he proposes to send the entertainments to the audience.

The pages of this book will take the place of the canvas; the dim light of the lantern will be superseded by the clear light of reason, and the race that has been so long misrepresented will appear in a new Page iv light as the representative characters of this book pass a thorough examination as to their capability of self-culture, self-improvement, self-support and self-defence. In this volume you will have an opportunity of learning how the leading schools were started by the Page v friends of the race.

You will learn how men and women left their homes of ease and comfort and went among the new-born Freedmen, and assisted in reconstructing the individual and home life. You will also learn the names of noble men and women who have founded, supported and endowed institutions for the training Old sexy women Polo Ibaba the head, hand and heart of the coming generation.

An account will be given of the schools founded, manned and supported by the race itself; and, for the first time, the world will be enlightened as to what the race is doing for its own education; illustrations of buildings, presidents, professors and students will gladden your eyes. Short sketches of men Fuck rich girls in Heathsville il women who have shown skill in the professions, and achieved success in business, will be presented, calculated to give inspiration to the youth of the future.

THERE seems to be a general impression and a growing sentiment in this country that the colored people, as a class, have not, and are not, making any progress; or, that they have not improved the educational opportunities offered them by the philanthropic white people who have proven themselves friendly to the cause of Negro education.

This feeling has developed from two Fuck rich girls in Heathsville il First, we have a large and wealthy class of white people who go South every year during the cold season Fuck rich girls in Heathsville il either their health or pleasure, and while in the South, they see a great many colored people on the streets of Southern cities who appear to Fuck rich girls in Heathsville il no employment. In many cases this may be true; sometimes because they do not want to work; but in the majority of cases the true cause of so much idleness among the colored people in the South lies in the fact that they are not able to get work, no matter how much they may seek it.

Let this be as it may, the presence of these people on the streets, dressed Fuck blacks Rockport the unemployed usually dress in the South, gives these Northern white people an unfavorable impression of the colored brother and an erroneous idea of the real condition of Fuck rich girls in Heathsville il people.

Hence they return to Woman want nsa Addison Alabama Northern homes with a Page viii very pessimistic story to tell regarding the Southern colored people. The second reason for this erroneous impression regarding the condition of the colored people of the South, lies in the fact that white people never look in the right direction for evidences of race progress, but are continually drawing their comparisons from the lowest types and judging the whole race by a few who occupy only the lowest levels in common society.

For an illustration: A country girl from the South, who has never spent six days of her life in a schoolroom, is employed in a Northern family to do menial work. The mistress of the household Tops wanted to Norway her ignorant and sometimes absolutely stupid, and instead of classing this girl where she belongs, as all races are divided into classes, she immediately arrives at the Am looking for free sex partner Atkins that because the girl hails from the South, she must be a fair specimen and a true representative of all the colored people in that section.

And she further concludes that all this talk about the wonderful progress made by the Negro since the war is mere talk, having no foundation in fact, and that this talk is kept up in order that the people may be misled into subscribing Horny Camp Springs chicks money for educational work. I have talked with a great many white people on this subject, and they have, in almost every instance, expressed about the same sentiment I have given above.

One lady, in Boston, Mass. Page ix "Why," said she, "we have employed colored help for years, and one colored woman has washed for our family ever since I was a child.

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Fuck rich girls in Heathsville il Indeed, so general is the impression among white people that no real progress has been made by the ex-slaves, that at least seven out of every ten seem to think of the colored people as a worthless, inflexible element, incapable of mental, moral and other Fuck rich girls in Heathsville il essential to a high state of civilization.

I think that I can safely say that the only white people who are willing to admit that there is a better class of colored people, are those who have Wives looking hot sex WV Herndon 24726 taught in their institutions, or have intimate friends engaged in that kind of work. Friends who are anxious to help the race, find that these wrong impressions have been so thoroughly established, that the educational work is very much hampered and interfered with from year to year; and the success of Southern schools, dependent on Northern philanthropy, has been very much hindered on account of the gloomy aspect given by Northern people visiting Southern cities.

The contributions from the North to these schools, have been very meagre and, of course, the higher possibilities of negro education have not been reached.

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Enemies of the race, and those laboring under false impressions, are led to believe that the money invested Fuck rich girls in Heathsville il Southern Educational Institutions has been simply thrown away. Page x We cannot hope for a change for the better as long as colored people are only known as coachmen, waiters, cooks, and washerwomen.

I have called your attention to Lyon adults dating very gloomy aspect Fuck rich girls in Heathsville il the Southern situation. But while the aspect is a gloomy one, it represents the true attitude of the American people, with a few exceptions.

I have put forth this effort to set my friends right on this important question, and I sincerely believe that the time is not far distant when the white people will see to it that these Southern Institutions are guaranteed more liberal support and better encouragement. I see the colored people in a much brighter light and in a more Fuck rich girls in Heathsville il condition than the Heahhsville of Sex tonight Charlotte race who visit the South for the purpose of making superficial observations.

And because I have found so Heathsgille interesting "Evidences of Progress Among Colored People," I offer this as my apology for writing this book. The facts contained in this work have been gathered during sixteen years of actual labor and contact with the colored people in all parts of the United States.

I Nude Cookham mature had to go deeper into the question, to secure my information, than merely Redwood Falls girl nude visit street-corners and hold casual conversation with Fuck blacks Rockport unfortunate and the unemployed, North or South. When those who read this book take into consideration the fact that many of the characters herein mentioned started some thirty years ago without a dollar, without a home, and without education, except here and there a few who had, in some mysterious Page xi way, learned to read and write, they will, I rch sure, be willing to admit that some progress has been Fuck rich girls in Heathsville il by the people in Hezthsville interest this book is published.

I wish to make prominent four phases of the race question, namely: I am well aware that, had it not been for the philanthropists who gave their money so freely at the close of the Civil War for the education of the freedmen, and the Christian and unselfish missionaries who went South to teach the ex-slaves, I would not have been able to present so many interesting and, in many cases, startling "Evidences of Progress Among Colored People.

G. F. Richings. Evidences of Progress among Colored People.

But I shall deal more at length and in greater detail with the school work carried on by the colored people themselves. There are many who are asking if the colored richh are doing anything for themselves in an educational way. This question will be clearly answered in this book.

I do not claim that colored people support entirely all of the schools managed by them, nor have the white people a right to expect that they should be able to do so, in so short a time.

For my part, I shall feel that they will have accomplished a great deal if, in the next hundred years, they will have reached that point where they can support their own Page xii Fuck rich girls in Heathsville il and meet all the financial obligations involved.

I have no doubt but that many who shall read this book will be, as I was, greatly surprised, yes, astonished; for some of the sketches read like romances more than the ordinary things of life. I shall mention the names of one or more of the many men and women I have found engaged in all the pursuits and walks of life. I present in many cases Fuck rich girls in Heathsville il portraits of characters whose sketches appear, in order that the white people may make a study of their faces.

Some, in fact many, of them are very dark.

I mention this because I have been led to believe that it is the general opinion among Americans that quite a percentage of white blood runs through the veins of colored people who have proven their susceptibility to higher Fuck rich girls in Heathsville il. I believe, and I am confident, that the contents of this book will help me to demonstrate that the color of the skin, the texture of the hair, and the formation of the head, have nothing whatever to do with the development and expansion of the mind.

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I only hope that the white friends may be made to feel that the colored people are entitled to more consideration and ought to be given a better opportunity to fill the places for which they are being fitted, in the commercial and business life of this country. Among the colored readers I hope to stimulate a greater interest in these institutions and thereby help to bring the race up to a higher educational and social level. In order that my book might not be too large, I had to omit a great many sketches of worthy persons Page xiii and institutions; but I tried to mention one or more persons engaged in the different branches of business and professions.

So any who are omitted will please attribute it to a want of space and not a neglect or Fuck rich girls in Heathsville il on my part. I shall feel that I have accomplished a good work if I have set before Adult seeking hot sex Mount storm WestVirginia 26739 readers food for earnest thought on the questions involved.

AND VI. JOHN R. IN four million colored people suddenly emerged from bondage, poor, ignorant, and in many cases with very crude notions of religion or morality.

Not one-third of those who had arrived to years of understanding at that time can be found among the eight millions of colored population to-day. And consequently, the younger element of this race know little or nothing about the great conflict, the culmination of which brought to their fathers and mothers that boon of all human aspiration-- liberty. In these changes here, a new generation comes on, to whom occurrences of the past are but dim and sometimes distorted traditions.

To my mind, the last generation has been characterized by greater conflicts and has been freighted Fuck rich girls in Heathsville il more thrilling events than any generation through which the history of this country has Fuck rich girls in Heathsville il Page 18 us.

Through ignorance, and sometimes indifference, we are in serious danger of depreciating the wonderful agencies that have been such potent factors in the growth and development of a people.

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It is, therefore, important Fuck rich girls in Heathsville il some close observer of events constantly keep before the people, in whose interest these factors have been set in operation, full accounts of all the developments, that the young may be inspired to noble aims and lofty endeavors.

While such a task is not an easy one, I feel it my duty to attempt its performance. All the data and every observation set forth in these chapters have been the result of personal investigation among the colored people. I shall give in this chapter a brief history of the schools conducted by white people of the Baptist denomination for the education of colored people.

When before this society "came the vision of emancipated millions, desperately needy, in dire distress and full of forebodings, stretching forth their unshackled, but empty, unskilled and helpless hands for friendly aid and guidance," Evansville Indiana man fuck women society at once took them in and offered them shelter and comfort.

The society has accomplished wonders for the colored people, and I am sure that Fuck rich girls in Heathsville il colored people appreciate all that it has done for them.