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Driving Angers and a couple of drinks

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He is missed but I remember him fondly. SlideShare Explore Search You. Submit Search. Successfully reported this slideshow. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and rDiving show you more relevant ads. You can change your ad preferences anytime.

Paul Crume and me. Upcoming SlideShare. Like this document? Why not share!

Embed Size px. Start on. Show related Qnd at end. WordPress Shortcode. Brad AngersRetired at Florida Follow. Published in: Full Name Comment goes here.

I Looking Sex Contacts

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Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Paul Crume and me 1. June 2. Remembering Paul Crume Shortly after my wife and I were married, we moved to Dallas and over Driving Angers and a couple of drinks years I developed and owned several businesses.

It was our home for forty plus years until we retired to Florida. TV, radio and newspaper articles about my chairmanship of The Dallas Bonehead Awards, several weddings in our home such as artist Dmitri Vail and Patricia Liechty, and because one of my major companies made sub-miniature electronic surveillance Lonely married women Liberty Washington communication Driving Angers and a couple of drinks for the Federal Government and law enforcement agencies as well drinnks private investigators some equipment used in the Drving break-in.

I was featured in many newspaper articles as well as many TV and radio interviews. I tell you this because of all the media personalities I dribks into contact with, none left a more lasting memory than Paul Crume. A few times we broke bread at the old Blue Front Cafe near the paper. We always had some laughs and he was always available drinnks a tip idea or a good laugh for his column. Several I I kept and put in our family scrapbook. Every time my wife or I get the scrapbook out all the great memories of our years in Dallas return.

This is why I want to share some of his home spun, down to earth style that made him such a rich and enjoyable person. I have selected a few of my favorites and have included them in this PowerPoint presentation. Bradford J. Angers 3. It was two feet tall. Angers Driving Angers and a couple of drinks the banana tree carefully, and it did live, a fact which Angers reported to his landscape man.

The Angers banana tree is now about 25 feet tall and is pushing at the roof of the den, about to Driving Angers and a couple of drinks some bananas. It all goes to prove that love and affection can conquer almost anything. Jan Angers of Dallas has enjoyed fresh fruit from her back yard for several years now. Included in the yearly harvest are delicious bananas that developed and ripened in the two-story garden room built by her husband at their home near White Rock.

More than half of the bananas produced by Mrs. These bananas have been in the garden and green house of the Angers Wives want nsa MD Hagerstown 21740 almost 8 years now; at first, they grew the trees out-of-doors, but with the completion of the greenhouse-solarium, they were moved inside and planted in the indoor soil where they have continued to grow and become fruit-producing for the past two years.

It was Want a hot latino regret that Wives want nsa Killington had to cut back the trees to the ground following their harvest. His sister, Bernice, is married to B. Harley Human, a name which causes some comment in itself. Human runs a company called the Human Oil Co. Human is running this year for the Legislature: His motto: President and Driving Angers and a couple of drinks of Human Oil and Supply Co.

Human feels the most important issue in the campaign is reform of the rules under which the Legislature operates. He also has promised to work for law enforcement with justice, a better system of welfare, fair taxation and a firm ethics bill, compelling elected officials to give Any black women in high Vidalia financial disclosure.

Human is married and has three sons. He attended St. They couldn't find the word in any of the office dictionaries and had to look it up in the yellow pages. While Southwestern Bell may be the only telephone company in town, it is not, b'gad the only person who can spell "cocktail. The authority on "cocktail," naturally was H.

Mencken, the Sage of Driving Angers and a couple of drinks, who was reputed to have been able to recognize one the minute he saw it. Mencken noted that the cocktail "to multitudes of foreigners seems to be the greatest of all the contributions of the American way of life to the salvation of humanity. Mencken seems to have shared that opinion. In a lifetime of word hunting, he unearthed almost a dozen derivation for "cocktail. He liked to entertain his friends with toddies mixed in his own exotic way, and he served them in Driving Angers and a couple of drinks double-ended egg cup called a coquetier, thus giving the drink its name.

This sounds like the romantic stuff spun by a New Orleans publicity man after too long a session at the Sazerac Bar, but it could be true. Peychaud seems to have been a benefactor of mankind. He invented Peychaud bitters and is said to have invented the Sazerac cocktail, an undoubted boon to mankind if taken in quantities of one or less.

One authority on cock fighting has contended that the word came from a mixture of flour bread and various alcoholic leavings and beneficial plants fed to fighting cocks. It was called "cock ale" and is supposed to have' picked up a "t" as a Driving Angers and a couple of drinks of American corruption. Still another authority said the word came from the practice at the end of a fight of toasting the cock with the most feathers left in his tail.

The number of ingredients was supposed to match the number of feathers. Probably, it is 'best just to say that "cocktail" seems to be a mixed metaphor. Anyhow, Americans have been busily mixing them for the better part of years. They have created some truly remarkable ones, the horse's neck, the bull-shot, the French 75 and the damn the weather cocktail, in addition, to the classic ones. Mencken himself created a number.

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As I remember it, he and a friend once sat down and figured out how many kinds of cocktails could be made out of the ingredients at a good bar, and the figure came out, something like 17 billion, some better than others.

He said that he had acquired Driving Angers and a couple of drinks replica of a Ford horseless carriage and would be glad to take me for a ride.

I said that I regarded it as dangerous to ride in a carriage without a horse, Driving Angers and a couple of drinks he Drivinng this was nonsense. Be forward looking, he said. Believe in progress.

We went downstairs and looked at the horseless crinks. It looked like a Purdue nsa Kasilof 2013 bicycle with some stuff built in between the wheels. I said there wasn't Drivkng for two men on the seat, and he conceded that the seat was probably built for an overly amorous man and his girl.

Driving Angers and a couple of drinks

I said the wheels wouldn't hold up the two of us, and he asked me whether I was chickening out. Knoxville tennessee lesbian. told me to make up my mind whether I was game for a ride. I wasn't, but I said I was. The guard at the parking lot held up three large trucks and two cars while he tried to get us out of his sight. Then this Angers sped away like the wind at 20 miles an hour. I noticed that he was steering with a tiller rather than a wheel, and this made me nervous.

A tiller can go haywire with the wrong kind of wind. Attached to the tiller was one of those bulb-type horns which you squirt. Angers was squirting this frequently, attracting the attention of everybody. This was very distasteful to me. I have not paid my income tax yet, and I had just as soon that nobody noticed me when I walk by with my hat pulled over my eyes. In a horseless carriage, you sail along out there in front Women seeking casual sex Bardwell Texas the machine so that you will take Driving Angers and a couple of drinks impact in case of a collision.

The valuable machine Driving Angers and a couple of drinks not be damaged. Also, there is no place to hang on in the horseless carriage. The top doesn't have any substantial stays' and the flooring is so light that it would probably tear away in a crash.

You just have to sit up there and believe God is with you, Horny curvy Danbury my recent behavior has been such Driving Angers and a couple of drinks I am not confident of that.

Angers kept telling me how he was getting 70 miles to the gallon of gasoline. I remember figuring out that a gallon of gasoline would be all that a man needed in a lifetime at the rate we were going. There was this stupid policeman who could have stopped the whole caper.

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By any standards, Angers was driving recklessly, wheeling around corners at 10 miles an hour and so on. The policeman could have stopped Driving Angers and a couple of drinks but just stood there with his jaw hanging drinos. The next time I place myself in harm's way I will not depend on any police officer to help if I am in a horseless carriage.

We finally got back to the office, and I bade Angers godspeed at 70 miles to the gallon and borrowed a Kleenex to wipe my forehead. The guard asked whether I was going to buy one of the little cars.

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And I still haven't. And Mrs.

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Brad Angers, Goforth Circle. The Rev.

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Patrick Henry officiated. The couple will live at his address, Armstrong. The new Driving Angers and a couple of drinks.

Vail has been residing at Northport. Most women do not hit their boyfriends. However, what cojple are experiencing is abusive and is a form of intimate partner violence. Many other men, as well as women, are going through the same struggle you are.

Research across different countries and cultures has demonstrated a strong relationship between binge drinking on violence towards intimate partners, whether they are married, cohabiting, dating, or casual encounters, and whether the partners are gay or straight.

Even though this happens if you say your girlfriend hits you when you say something Mobile utah sex cam upsets her, you are not to blame for what happened. Unfortunately, there is no way of ensuring that she stops.

Whether you stay in the relationship or not, a good start would be to tell her that violence is not acceptable to you. Binge drinking is associated with being both the perpetrator and victim of violence between couples. However, research has shown that women, as well as Driving Angers and a couple of drinks, who hit anr dating partners after they have been drinking, have high scores on antisocial traits and behaviors.

Antisocial characteristics include a lack of empathy for other people's feelings, an indifference to hurting others, and a lack of concern with following social rules and expectations. Antisocial in this context does not necessarily mean that she is shy, uninterested in having friends or other social connections, or that she does not understand and use social niceties or dress and present herself well.

Many antisocial people put a lot of effort into appearing socially Drivin and likable.

They Drivig have many "friends" and even admirers and can appear somewhat larger than life. Unfortunately, women with such antisocial characteristics are often superficially charming, and men may feel attracted to them in spite of their common sense.

You say she is feisty, and that is part of what attracts you to her, but what is feistiness really?

Is she confrontational, daring, reckless or shocking; does this give you a sense of excitement in an otherwise mundane life? Violence, particularly in combination with alcohol or other drugs, is not a safe way to seek out excitement.

And while your relationship may be free of moments of boredom, you are clearly unhappy in this unpredictable relationship. So it is a good idea to set a limit for yourself when drinking with your girlfriend.

Driving Angers and a couple of drinks I Want Sexual Partners

While controlling your drinking will reduce the risk of you being hit again to some extent, consider whether you want to commit any more time and energy to a relationship that has caused you this much pain and anxiety. One way of stopping the violence is to end the relationship, but bear in mind that ending a relationship with a violent person increases the risk Driving Angers and a couple of drinks violence towards you.

Try not to shame or anger her in the process. Keep friends and family close by, and don't hesitate to call if she shows up at your home or work after you have told her the Driving Angers and a couple of drinks is over. If you decide to continue with your relationship, you will both need help in order for the violence to stop and to rebuild the trust in each other. You and your girlfriend may benefit from couples counselingto explore how your relationship is culminating in violence. She Looking Real Sex TN Selmer 38375 also benefit from some anger management support, and you would both probably benefit from alcohol counseling.