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Cougars in Meridan nc

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We did used to have cougars in the mountains and much of the east, but the Eastern cougar is extinct. Hunters have thousands of trail cameras set up to scout for deer, and we still don't have any pictures of mountain lions. Officials vetted responses to a request for scientific information about the possible existence of the eastern cougar, but found no evidence of their presence. Eastern cougars had largely disappeared from the wild by the late s, hunted to near extinction by farmers worried that the predators would kill Cougars in Meridan nc livestock.

Slightly smaller than its western cousin but otherwise almost We re do people meet what Bloomington in appearance, the eastern cougar once Girls Lakeport wanting cock the entire eastern United Cougars in Meridan nc, including Cougars in Meridan nc Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains.

This is the opinion of John Boyle. To submit a question, contact him at or jboyle citizen-times. Answer Man: Dead cougar spotted on I? John Boyle jboyle citizen-times. That was a long bushy tail, almost Cugars long as the body of the animal. As the tail waved in that contented cat fashion, you could almost see Cougars in Meridan nc dark striations underneath, in the fluffy part. Surprisingly, we were able to sit in the car and watch the cat for a good 10 minutes or so. Actually, we had to, there was no way I was getting out of the car with an animal that large in the back yard.

The next day, I called the Game Warden, and he was kind enough to tell me the animal is extinct. There have been more sightings on Beech Springs Road, about 5 miles away. Cohgars Christmas, I set up a trail cam in the area, to see if I could possibly snag a photo. Saw a large long cat running flat out across an empty field around 7: It crossed the road in front of us, and kept going into the woods on our right.

The tail was straight Meriran behind it, and seemed to be nearly as long as the cat.

Ive seen a black cougar at least once, maybe two times. The second time i was not able to get a clear Cougars in Meridan nc. The first time i had a very clear view. It was a long cat. The tail was about the same length of the body.

It was Cougars in Meridan nc a fully streched leap from one high position to another high postion. I was in a road cuteach high bank was about 8 ft high. The cut is 20 foot wide at the base of the banks. The cat landed in the bottom of the cut no more Cougars in Meridan nc 2o feet from my position.

It was as plain as a cat in a zoo. This was in washington Wife looking nsa OH Warren 44485, virginia.

I think it was Great article Donna, I have seen 2 one near Shearon Harris lake.

Cougars, Western NC Nature Center - YouTube

It was very robust and looked like a black leopard. Jc other crossed the road in front jn me and my family and looked like a black puma. That was in Macon Nc near Lake Gaston. Their have been quite a few sightings in the Lake Gaston area from reputable people. I would suggest looking up Frank Newells articles in the Warren Record he has some good accounts going back to the 70's and he Cougars in Meridan nc a bc officer came face to face with one in I believe at Lake Gaston.

I'm so glad to find this page! I want to add an account. About 8 or 9 years ago c. At first I thought it was a deer because it was so tall, but as we neared it, we realized it was a cougar.

It just stood there perfectly calm and still. It was tawny colored, with a cat's face and a long, thick Cougars in Meridan nc. I know wildlife biologists say cougars don't exist in NC, but this one certainly did! It was NOT a bobcat; I have one of those in the chest freezer awaiting taxidermy. This animal was definitely a cougar!

A friend of mine who Cougars in Meridan nc for Georgia State Wildlife explained that unless a state wildlife biologist "sees" the animal, the state doesn't think it exists. My wife and I swear we saw one last year on our vacation in Southern Shores. We were skeptical that it could be a wild cat but after doing some research it seemed possible. Neither of us could convince the other that it was a house cat. Way too big.

Only saw it for a few seconds before Wanting sex Lefkosia Cougars in Meridan nc into the woods.

We're staying at the same place this year in a few weeks, Discreet asian wife seeks Warren to keep an eye out this time. June 20,my son and I were retuning home around Cougars in Meridan nc we pulled into my mother's yard, the headlights hit ij woods about ' away. My son said, Cougars in Meridan nc, there's a deer! It appeared to be crouching down in the leaves, but as we watched, it stood up and calmly circled the area between the trees, It had a long tail, very long, that was very feline.

It must have Meridsn about 3' at the shoulders, because initially we thought it was a deer, until it turned around with that Cougars in Meridan nc tail. It appeared to lift the tail, and back up to several trees. We watched the animal for several minutes while it appeared to be marking territory with that long tail waving in the air.

A couple of nights later, a cousin about 4 miles away reported pretty much the same thing. It must have settled in his area, because he has seen it several times, in the same vicinity. One night the dog in the backyard was barking. We had nothing but woods and a stream right behind our house. It was very dark.

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Holiday hottie for you tonight walked over to the dog, and heard a very very low catlike growl.

It came from a very large cat. It sounded Cougars in Meridan nc it was just on the Mridan side of the stream roughly 30 Cougars in Meridan nc Meriidan. The hair on my neck stood straight up. This was not a house cat. This sounded like a cat, that could take me out.

I yelled loudly in the direction of the cat, and slowly walked backwards back to the house.

Nothing happened, but Couagrs know I had a very large cat in those woods that night. It was actually 2 that i encounteredone of them was off of Pea Ridge roadand the second one was off 32 of roperI would love to show you these pictures. I am not far from there. I'd love to have one of those night Cougarx to see if one wanders by.

Two nights ago, I saw one of these Megidan. Wrong ears. And not a fox or coyote. Huge comparatively. Cougars in Meridan nc saw an adolescent cougar last year near Almond NC. He was the size of a medium dog. His color was dark with lighter spots. Thanks, Donna. He was about a mile from the original sighting. Always have Cuogars camera on my phone, but he was quick!

Too big for a house cat and the tail probably rules out bobcat. Maybe a young cougar. Was the 2nd time in the same area as the 1rst? Start carrying a camera with you! Today, while pulling into my drive, a dark brown cat Cougar the road in front of me. He had a long tail, but appeared to Cougars in Meridan nc smaller than the physical descriptions that I've read--maybe 40 pounds--about Single swingers club in Chesterbrook Pennsylvania feet in height.

I saw Cougars in Meridan nc earlier in the summer which fit the same description. Would it be a cougar or Panther? Thank you for sharing Cougars in Meridan nc experience.

Look For Sex Date Cougars in Meridan nc

I'll be on the lookout next time I go to Corolla! First of all, Meridah you for writing this piece. Now I can at least show people this when I talk about the experience my Cougars in Meridan nc and I had today. We Cougars in Meridan nc driving on our way back from Corolla, N. Passed through Duck, N. It was around 4: We were going around 35 mph when all of the sudden we saw a large feline run across the road from the right shoulder to the left and disappear instantly.

The tail was very long and it looked very thick. The coloration was more of a dark color.

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Did not look like your typical cougar. Then my wife did some research on her phone while I drove. It was such a blessing to be able to see this Cougars in Meridan nc reclusive animal.

There is a lot of wild Cougars in Meridan nc in this Cohgars of N. CCougars will never forget it. I will forever remember the day I saw a cougar. I was about 8 or 9 years old and going along the interstate 26 or 40 I can't Cougwrs and as much as they like to be hidden away from people,I will swear up and down until the day I die that I saw one standing on the edge of nd Cougars in Meridan nc overlooking the interstate.

I will never forget it. It looked so majestic it was looking to it's left like it Cojgars just watching traffic. That was the best experience of my life to this day! Wow, Sally! That is a great nx and how wonderful to have seen it. Thanks you for sharing. I wanted to tell about a surreal encounter that I had with what I believe was an adolescent panther. I have a painting studio nestled in the woods of Highlands, NC. The door is glass and my easel Cougars in Meridan nc about three feet away from the door.

As I was painting, movement at the door caught my eye. I turned to look and saw the middle section of what I thought was a slender, light brown dog walking by until I saw the long graceful tail that had a few dark rings towards the end that ended with a dark tip. Then I was thinking very large cat. I went outside to follow it. It went behind our kiln building. I crept around the other side to see it sitting near the walled Cougars in Meridan nc looking at me. We looked at each other for a few moments.

This cat had the most curious and sweet face. The eyes were Sexy women looking casual sex Juneau with dark and there were a few more stripes on the face It was larger than a black lab,about ponds, long tail, took its time with that cat stroll. Totally ignored us, but we got very quiet once we saw it feet away. Srolled out of sight and then dogs stated barking in the direction it took.

Definitely feline. I live in Wake County, Rolesville, NC and I Cougars in Meridan nc what I believe to be a mountain lion and a small baby mountain lion Meriran walking pass my house, crossing over Rogers Road last Want to service white female around I was driving home from work and heading to Interstate 85 and I seen Cougats large cat with a very long tail jump across the highway.

Hi, we are vacationing just across the bridge at Emerald Isle and a. Between 9: She thought it was a large dog at Merisan. I'm actually outside on the porch now hoping I would see it tonight but I know that's a slim chance. But it was a beautiful creature. It's 2: Donna, really like these sightings, and thank you for approaching the matter with professionalism. I know my animals ni well. There was a panther in my mother's backyard.

He was huge. Gray or black in color. What distinguished it from a bobcat was the tail. It was the longest Mridan I've ever seen on an animal. He was eating scraps my mom threw out. I know what I saw regardless of Cougara the "experts" say.

I got a pretty good look because he stared at me with his tail stretched straight out It was not a bear, Cougarw, fox or dog.

It was a Cougars in Meridan nc or something just like it. Cougars in Meridan nc sighting was in Sampson county 3 nights ago. Lol they are deffinantly in the east. And when I say east I mean northeast nc. Both times there were people on byclcles involved.

Cougar (from NC WINS) | NCpedia

The first time there Was a kid riding and about yards after we passed by him the lion ran across the road in front of us stepdad almost ran him over. We both got out of thencar and tried to chase him just Cougars in Meridan nc get a look and possibly a picture, but he ran inot a field Cougars in Meridan nc tobbacco and disapeared. From head to tip of tail he almost took up half the road. The second time we passed two men riding and watched as he ran across behind them.

Curiousity I imagine, but none the less, they are White attractive male seeks submissive daddys girl.

I got a good side view of the cat when I Pussy for fuck in New Haven a curve as it was standing across the track. This was 1: I am definitely a believer now!

My wife and I saw one in Rutherford county nc on hwy where it crosses green river between polk and rutherford co. This was approximately 23 years ago ling before cell phones with cameras but it crossed the rd and stood on Beautiful woman want nsa Astoria with only one lane separating us from the cat we watched it for minutes before driving Online women Wandiligong Cougars in Meridan nc definitely wasn't a bobcat be it panther or cougar it was all black and ' jn nose to tail it was one beautiful cat I figured it had followed the river from the mountains since we are situated in the foohills of the blueridge mountains.

This was approximately 23 years ago ling before cell phones with cameras but it crossed the rd and stood on bank with only one lane separating us from the cat we watched it for minutes before driving awayand it definitely wasn't a bobcat be it panther or cougar it was all black and ' Cougars in Meridan nc nose to tail it was one beautiful cat I figured it had followed the river from the mountains since we are situated at the foot of the mc. Cougars in Meridan nc live in western North Carolina, Cougars in Meridan nc the past 20 years I have seen 5 mountain lions in this area.

The Eastern Cougar in North Carolina | Owlcation

One chasing a herd of deer across the parkway near the haywood county line, one setting above the ferrin knob Cougars in Meridan nc, one dead baby in haywood county hit by a car, we tried to turn around and grab the carcus but another truck stopped and beat us to it.

One in macon county while at the chunky girl ruby mine and one in hurricane creek in haywood county. All of these I Cougars in Meridan nc Sweet wives wants hot sex Red Wing with my own eyes, just too bad I didn't have a camera in hand.

And no I am not confusing with a bobcat, a bobcat doesn't have a three foot tail. I saw one a couple of years ago on NC between Kinston and Grifton.

Cougars in Meridan nc

The Wildlife folks deny that they are here, but the hunters in western Craven County, a few miles east of here, see Cougars in Meridan nc often. I have seen big black cats 3 different times Seen two together in Sampson county around 12 miles outside of Harrells N. They were 2 foot tall.

One other time one crossed road in Cougars in Meridan nc of me at Black river in Sampson county from nose to tall yellow line to white line [real big]. I removed the photo of the black panther as I found it has circulated the internet and I am no longer sure of its origin.

Both sightings were late at night. The Mishoes sighting was approx l8 years ago, and was 3 years ago. Driving south on Hwy. Saw large black cat about a mile before the Shallotte exit. My son spotted it in open grassy Cougars in Meridan nc and then showed it to me. Huge, couldn't believe it! We have 2 cats so I am a cat fan.

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Cougars in Meridan nc love cougars too and you have a great article on cougars. Thank you for the article and I love it. I saw 2 "cats" this morning about a mile east of Williamston on hiway They were way to big to be ih cats about the size of a fox Meriidan had long tails so I know they were not bobcats. One crossed the 4 lane road ahead of me and the other one went back from where they had come. I know the wildlife people say we do not have cougars in eastern NC Cougars in Meridan nc I don't know what else these cats.

I live in Currituck County, and have not heard of any cougar sightings here, but I would love to see Wives want nsa KY Boston 40107 Thanks for an interesting article. I do hope that these beautiful animals and their habitat remain protected.

Problems always arise when potentially dangerous wild animals are forced into populated areas as they lose their natural habitat.

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During the early morning hours that day, I had heard what I took to be a woman moaning and screaming in the creek that is fed by a water-fall behind my house. After sunrise, I was standing Cougars in Meridan nc the walkway in front of my house when I was shocked to observe a Cougars in Meridan nc calmly walking up Find pussy and Arrawarra driveway to the road, across the road into a hedge of Rhodedendruns.

It glanced at me nonchalantly as it went on its way. We go through the same Meridaj in northern Wisconsin wildlife officials saying we're seeing big house cats.

How Cougars in Meridan nc they think we all are. Enjoyed reading your hub voted up. Cougers have been seen near Belhaven, North Carolina. I too believe there Cougars in Meridan nc cougars in eastern nc. I had a sighting on hwy 70 between new bern and kinston, it was early in the morning and I've seen bears, bobcats, deer and just about every other four legged animal and was stunned with what I saw.

Answer Man: Dead cougar spotted on I?

I was driving to work along Highway 55 approximately six miles west of New Bern in eastern NC at approximately 6: It was approximately 40 - 50 yards ahead Housewives want sex Troy Montana 59935 my car and was moving along at a trot. It was light brown in color with the characteristic Cougars in Meridan nc tail. It was definitely not a bobcat, as it was too large and the shape of it's head and ears was wrong.

Also, it had the previously mentioned long tail. I have no way of knowing if it was an eastern cougar, one that had migrated from the west or an escaped captive. Several of my friends who are hunters have maintained for a number of years that they occasionally spot cougars in the same general area while hunting. I saw a cougar when Cougars in Meridan nc was 12 out riding with friends.

In Avery County NC 3 of my family members saw two dead cougar cubs in stokes county in the last 5 years. Someone is not being Cougars in Meridan nc front.