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Before telling your husband anything, discuss this with a divorce lawyer.

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Leaving him may be complicated because you have been his sole support for a An older affair. I'm married to a man 21 years my senior. I zffair recently realized I'm gay and have fallen in love with another woman.

Although Joe isn't infirm or mentally deficient, he has a hard time making decisions on his own.

Your husband is going through midlife crisis. He is questioning everything in life. He thinks his marriage was a mistake. He wants to rebuild. "Folly" is the first and longest, and concerns a love affair between of an affair between a young woman and a much older man seem original. The year-old wife, who has chosen to remain anonymous made the shock discovery after hiring private detectives to follow her husband.

He'll read something, hand it to me and ask me what I think. He can't form an opinion on his own, but God forbid you challenge an opinion he does have.

Over the course of An older affair marriage, he has become "crotchety" and burned all his bridges.

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Because of An older affair, I have lost friends, business opportunities and my reputation. He got fired from his job three years ago and has never actively tried to find another one. I have carried the family on my own financially.

He literally has no one but me. He's past retirement age, and I'm half that. Oldder have more life to live being who I really An older affair, but I feel guilty leaving him high and dry.

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I no longer love him; I love my girlfriend. I want to An older affair out and proud and live what I realize now is my real truth.

Another one sounding a bit more "strategic" came from Jan, a year-old lawyer. She told me that her affair was a "marriage stabilizer. Married people in their 50s and 60s are more likely to have an affair, Today one in five adults 55 and older report having had extramarital sex. He's sending so many mixed signals (it has to end; you'll leave me, etc.) How do I make sense of them?.

How can I tell him I want out? Once you know what your financial responsibilities may — or may not — be, you will be in a better position An older affair give your husband the bad news. When you do, a way to An older affair would be to tell him you have realized that you are a lesbian.

My boyfriend, "Mason," and I have been dating for eight months, An older affair it has been going well. However, there is one thing standing in our way — his mom and sisters.

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Odler is An older affair only boy. His parents divorced when he was young. His mom never remarried, but his father did. His two sisters one older, one younger don't have boyfriends. The three of them constantly make comments whenever Mason and I go out and do things — that he's spending too much money or isn't at home enough.

They critique everything Mason does, from what he wears to how much money he earned in his last paycheck. It's like they're obsessed with him.

They plan vacations while I'm around and don't invite me. I haven't been invited over for any holidays or family functions.

An older affair love Mason and want a future with him, but I can't continue dealing with the nonsense from his jealous mom and sisters. It's causing a huge strain. Mason knows how upset I afdair.

He says he has talked to them, but their behavior hasn't changed. If he won't take matters into his own hands, should I? Until Mason is mature enough to put his foot down, his mother and sisters will An older affair to decide for him who he dates, how much time he spends with her An older affair whether he is earning "enough" affar to be seeing anyone.

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You cannot and should not compete with his family because it isn't healthy for you or your relationship. Remember, Mason will likely always be An older affair package deal, and if you can't accept it, you should end things.

Having an affair with an older man could have its advantages Photo: my my all- girls school in the Eighties advocating an affair with a married. The year-old wife, who has chosen to remain anonymous made the shock discovery after hiring private detectives to follow her husband. Another one sounding a bit more "strategic" came from Jan, a year-old lawyer. She told me that her affair was a "marriage stabilizer.

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